Making Memories With Our Meals

Making Memories With Our Meals

It’s hard not to love waterfront restaurants. There is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than sitting with a friend or family member near a body of water while being served delicious food. The smell of the water and the sounds of the birds are so beautiful and add decadence to the meal that is going to be eaten. Often times, people will take their colleagues, a romantic partner, or a group of close friends to waterfront restaurants because it is something slightly out of the norm. We’ve all been to the standard brick and mortar restaurant, where the lighting is totally dependent on the kind of bulbs they have installed. But at a waterfront location, you get more of an authentic experience while you’re eating, and it is very special. Looking at the water while you eat can be very soothing, just to see the waves go by and to smell the salt in the air. It can create fantastic memories, and as smell is the scent most closely associated with memories, one trip to a restaurant by the water could create memories for a lifetime. Think about just how calm it could be to eat a delicious meal while overlooking a body of water.


Additionally, a restaurant on the water could really “wow” someone who you are trying to impress. Bring a client, a new business partner, or someone else special with you to a waterfront restaurant, and they are sure to be impressed by the subtle elegance of such a place. Only here do you experience something that is at once unique yet familiar. Dining by the water adds a twist to an experience you may have had hundreds of times before. Making meals different is what makes them special. We basically eat three meals a day, but when we can enjoy our food in a singular or exceptional way, it increases the value of the experience a great deal. One of the best memories we can make for ourselves is by going to a restaurant by the water and really being there to enjoy it.

When paired with delicious high quality food, the experience of dining on the waterfront truly can’t get any better. Food is a treat for your taste buds and the waterfront is a treat for the eyes, ears and nose. It is truly a full dining experience and an experience that everyone should have the opportunity to have. It can be hard to get to waterfront restaurants at times, especially if you are far away from a coast or a body of water. But it’s a good idea to make a trip down to a seaside location at least a few times in your life. The level of peace and tranquility is unbeatable. Especially in Philadelphia, it is one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without going far at all.

At Waterfront Gourmet, we are not only a place to eat near the water at our Penn’s Landing location. We offer inspired twists on deli-style sandwiches, delicious signature salads, gourmet paninis and distinctive coffee by illy. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to our distinctive luxury catering services. Our Menu includes gourmet sandwiches, paninis, salads, burgers, soups, and coffee. Something different about our restaurant is that we add a twist to everything we create. We don’t just sell regular catering foods, but we try to make each dish special with the love we add to all of our ideas. The vision for Waterfront Gourmet is to maintain an atmosphere of comfort – merging the elements of a cozy cafe, with top-quality deli cuisine. Visit us online today to find out more about your next trip.

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