5 Factors that you should consider while choosing a Managed Security Services Provider.

5 Factors that you should consider while choosing a Managed Security Services Provider.

A research paper published by Markets and Markets predicts that the Managed Security Services market will witness a growth (CAGR) of 14.6% during the period 2016 to 2021. The Managed security services are estimated to expand from USD 17.02 Billion in 2016 to USD 33.68 Billion by 2021.

The report states that the major share of 43% of managed security services market is held by the Tier 3 Companies.

The major services covered under Managed Security services are Threat Management, Managed Firewall, Vulnerability Management, Anti virus & Managed Intrusion Detection. Choosing a right Managed security services provider is essential as these services contribute to the effectiveness of organization’s security standards. Investing in suitable Managed security services company can help in increasing the ROI by 50%.

Following are the 5 factors that are to be considered when choosing Managed security services provider:

  • Certifications: It is important to check the vendor’s credentials & certifications. ISO certification for quality services & Security Standard certification are some of the certifications that determine the performance of the vendor.
  • Testimonials: Perform an online research on what other clients say about the Managed security services provider. Testimonials provide a guidance in vendor selection process.
  • Support: Check if the company can offer a support service in case you want to report issues which need immediate attention. It is preferable to select a vendor which can offer you 24×7 support.
  • Expertise: The MSS provider you are choosing should have capability of providing expert services. Make sure that there is no skill shortage in the team which has been assigned for your work.
  • Cost: As cost is directly linked with the ROI, it is important to consider which company can offer you best value on money invested. Consider doing a competitive pricing analysis beforehand.

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