Sparkle Up Marble By Restoration in Melbourne

Sparkle Up Marble By Restoration in Melbourne

Marble, a metamorphic rock is precious and is widely used all over the world for various purposes. This stone is naturally decorative and have characteristic vein-like patterns. These patterns differ depending on type and quantities of minerals present during the re-crystallization process of the parent limestone rock. These patterns are unique in appearance.

Marble is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. It is often used for decorative purpose as it gives a beautiful and enticing look wherever used. It is porous, softer, and chemically sensitive when compared to granite but its surfaces can be restored with honing and polishing.

Marble gets affected by acids, soft drinks, juice, etc. As marble absorbs oils and other liquids, it easily gets stained as well. So, it is necessary to restore marble so as to make the surface shine and appear clean as well as stainless.

With the modern techniques, it is easy to restore marble stone and hence, it is widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. Diamond polishing systems is one such popular method to restore the marble stone. In marble floor restoration, appearance of the marble is also restored.

As marble stone is expensive to replace its restoration and repair service by professionals helps to save money.Even if the surface is chipped, worn, scratched, stained or has any other form of damage, it gets restored. This reduces the chance marble damage being spread further.

Generally, the marble restoration involves four crucial steps:

  1. Grinding: It is the most powerful and dynamic step. This step is also called as lippage removal or flattening. In this step all the ledges, roughness are removed which results in giving flatness to marble stone. The deepest scratches and stains are removed in this step.
  2. Honing: Honing restoration provides smoothingto the marble surface. It is carried out with industrial diamonds, which imparts more shine to the marble. It also helps to remove scratches, stains and give a uniform and smooth appearance to the marble surface.
  3. Polishing: Polishing the marble can help improve its appearance and imparts semi-shining or shining effect. It is done by smaller graded industrial diamonds.
  4. Buffing or crystallization: This step helps to bring “mirror like” shine. Crystallization is done with the help of a chemical reaction on the surface of marble.

Some tips which will be helpful to maintain marble stone are to clean up spills immediately and use coasters, mats or trivets to keep alcoholic beverages, citrus juices or hot stuff. These tips will help to prevent any further damage to the marble stone.

Conclusion: Choose the right service provider to transform a dull and stained marble stone counter or flooring into a new and sparkling one. In Melbourne, Irock Finishes are experts in marble floor restoration work. These professionals use dust free, diamond cutting technology for marble restoration process. This exclusive technology helps to achieve desired results in the removal of scratches, acid burns and oil spills. To maintain a high class finish, these professionals use highest quality polishing techniques and improve marble stone’s clarity and reflectivity.

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