How do You Market Your New Coffee Shop through Instagram to Get Business

How do You Market Your New Coffee Shop through Instagram to Get Business

Are you starting a new coffee shop and wondering how to get more customers sauntering into it? Well, look no further than Instagram with more than 100 million subscribers. Today, if you want to market your business, you cannot undermine the importance of this photo-sharing platform. Did you know that whether it is McDonald’s, KFC, or Starbucks, all have leveraged Instagram to market their brands? So, why not you? You need to take some time out of your busy schedule and think of ways to promote your café on this picture-sharing site. When other coffee shops are succeeding, so can you.

According to an article published on, you can use Instagram analytics to make your business flourish on this social networking site. Read on to learn how you can use the power of Instagram to promote your coffee shop and start making money.

Provide a Sneak Peek of Your Coffee and Sandwiches

Start by attracting coffee lovers with high-quality photos of your products. These may include espresso, cafe latte, cappuccino, or sandwiches. When you are launching something new, customers want some inside information about your business. Hire a professional photographer and ask him to take pictures of some people drinking your frothy hot cappuccino. Post these visuals on your brand’s Instagram page. If the grilled chicken and ham sandwiches are different fromthose served in a local café, you should post photos of these items. People will love to see it. Make your followers feel like insiders to earn real Instagram likes.

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Relate a Few of Your Products with Celebs

It is true that celebs, even TV stars have a huge fan following on social media sites. Therefore, why not use this tactic to market your business? You should research and brainstorm ideas on how you can relate your cafe latte with a celebrity or two. Once you know what you are supposed to do, post images of these celebs on your Instagram page. For example, post a photo or video of you drinking a cup of coffee with chocolate pastrynext to a popular web series actor. He or she can be a local celeb and not some big shot from Hollywood. The idea is to relate your brand to a known face.

Add a Powerful Call-to-Action

Whenever you post an image on Instagram, request your followers to perform some action. Ask them if they like some of the call-to-action you have added in your recent post. You can go onestep further by asking them to write one for your coffee shop. Announce that the best slogan will receive an invitation from your store for a free cup of cappuccino and cookies. The goal is to make your customers feel important and encourage communication. The more people comment or write something about your products, the more they become familiar with your brand.


Try these tips to improve your shop’s marketing on Instagram. Use the right content that suits your targeted audience. It could be a picture, video, or content by influencers. Understand what content reverberates with your customers and what your followers are saying about your brand.

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