4 Unique Types Of Content Format To Generate Maximum Readership

4 Unique Types Of Content Format To Generate Maximum Readership

All digital marketing experts are recommending content writing and content marketing for winning leads and boosting sales volume. But, have you ever think about what type of content you should optimize and in which format? You should not miss out any relevant audience subsets, that will provide your content much exposure by spreading it among numbers of readers. Thus, it is important to get every piece of your work discovered by every people looking for your business all over the internet.

Why Use Multiple Content Formats?

Focusing on only one content format may limit your brand exposure. Hence, to attract different types of organic traffic through content writing program, it is best to experiment with several kinds of content formats. No other content type can be as powerful as case studies to pull newer audiences and convert them into a potential buyer of your product. Similarly, blogging is the most effective to engage the users, but there are many more types of content you can add to your content writing and marketing array. It will help you to connect with different audiences in a number of ways.

In this post, you’re going to read about 4 great content formats that perform well to pull audiences into your sales funnel, win new leads, and get better ROI.

1.Blogs With Long-Form Content

Let’s start with blog posts or blogging, that makes an imperative part of effective content marketing strategy. This is what users love to read to get closer to your business offerings. Thereby, providing you with higher conversion rates. If done in a proper way with high-quality content writing services in India, blogging can reward you with more citations from other trusted sources, significant amounts of traffic, good relationships with your readers, and increased site ranking.

How To Get Started With Long-Form Blog Post Writing?

Before getting started with blog posts writing, make sure that you’ll create long-form content with over 2,000 words. It is not only the text, but you can add images, videos, graphs, numbered lists, and more content writing elements. Use relevant long-tail keywords and link it to other related posts for internal linking. Long-form blog posts might be 2,000-15,000 words with informative and detailed content that answers readers’ queries. It will make readers develop more interest when they scroll down further.

2.Call-To-Action-Centered or CTA-Centered Content

No matter how long content you have composed, it will be useless if it does not meet the users intent. That’s a reason it is always suggested to focus on creating call-to-action-centered copy, that invites online visitors to keep on reading. Most of the leading webmasters and copywriters are optimizing this type of writing on their landing pages and sales web page to let readers take the desired action – call you for proposal, buy a product, etc.

Tips To Compose Call-To-Action-Centered Content

Never start writing content on any topic that comes into your mind. Do your homework to search top graded content writing topics that are in the latest trends. With n numbers of topics or titles suggested on the web, it becomes tricky to decide which one you must pick for your article, blog, or other types of content. Not to worry. Forget everything and emphasize on creating ‘sticky copy’ that pulls the attention of online visitors and hold them in place in search of more information.

Sticky Topics

Topics, you can use in the blog posts, headlines, and value props to persuade readers to act in a way that they want, are most commonly referred to as sticky titles. They are the topics that users want to read, recall, and share if get what they are actually looking for on the web. Ensure that no word will make readers feel bored, but make them keep reading.

How To Translate Content Into CTA-Focused?

Sticky copy always results in conversions. This is why content marketing writers do complete keyword and topic research to explore the topics that potential readers truly search on the internet. Don’t use confusing language, in fact, directly answer users’ queries by focusing on the second person pronoun ‘You’. Emphasize mainly on the action that readers want to take. For example, if you’re writing about the tips to save money, then use CTA-centered phrases such as ‘it’s time to save your money’.

3. Listicles

They are actually an article composed using lists with some additional information. Creating content in this flexible format is very simple. You can start with a title and 5 sub-headings with a GIF or a picture. Include prime and odd numbers in its title, for example, 29. The research report has proved that these numbers perform much better than even numbers.

Nothing could be more beneficial than including more lists within your listicles. If you are composing long-form listicles, then number each list item to divide the content into small digestible chunks. Online searchers mainly use search engines to get the best and the most important information. So, add any of three vital terms – most, best, or top. For instance, 5 best website localization tips for Arabic market.

Most importantly, write short titles by mentioning some famous people to motivate online visitors to read.

4. How To’s

This is the best content format that directly addresses the users’ question by providing meaningful and concise information. How-to’s or step-by-step guides with visuals make the copy more readable and also lead to a lower bounce rate. Create this type of copywriting in a well-organized manner – problem overview, perfect solution, detailed explanation of solutions, and conclusion. Include videos, pictures, or diagrams to give better explanation.


To succeed with content marketing, it is necessary to create a copy that speaks to a targeted audience. Apart from these, you can use many more types of content format such as infographics, case studies, book reviews, e-books, video, webinars, podcasts, quizzes, email newsletters, and checklists. So, use multiple formats for powerful content marketing.

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