Modern Core Drilling Tools And Its Applications

Modern Core Drilling Tools And Its Applications

Have you ever noticed the different types of concrete cutting tools that are involved in Concrete cutting? If no! Then you can make use of this article. Concrete cutting is nothing but the process which is used for drilling holes in concrete surfaces like ceilings and walls. The concrete cutting services in Sydney are using different types of tools and equipment to drill the holes in the concrete surfaces. As you know, concrete is considered as one of the toughest materials on earth because of the hardened nature, it requires special equipment and highly trained professionals to cut the concrete. Here is the list of top 6 different tools that are used by concrete cutter Sydney to cut and drill the concrete. 

Tools involved in Core Drilling Process

The following are some of the common tools that are used by concrete cutter Sydney

  • Dry sawing
  • Wet sawing
  • Wall sawing
  • Floor sawing
  • Ring sawing 
  • Wire sawing
  • Swager tool

Dry sawing 

Dry sawing is mostly used for outdoor projects in Sydney. The dry sawing technique will produce an enormous amount of dust while drilling and concrete cutting. Generally, the dry sawing is using the diamond blade cutter for drilling the core. This is because the strength of the diamond in the cutter is protecting the blade from overheating in the absence of water. It requires highly trained professionals to work with dry sawing equipment. When the professionals are working with protective gear, they will not be affected by dust. 

Wet sawing in concrete cutting

Another important technique that is handled by core drilling Sydney services is wet sawing. It is one of the safest tools compared to other concrete cutting tools. This is because, whenever the professionals involved in concrete cutting with wet sawing tools, they will not be affected by an enormous amount of dust and have a high level of safety.

As the name indicates, the wet sawing tool is in cool nature. Hence, it is much easier to cut the concrete. In addition to this, the wet sawing tool is more environmentally friendly than a dry sawing tool. It will not cause any respiratory problems for the professionals. 

Wall sawing 

When the concrete that is presented in the vertical surfaces like walls in the building has to be cut, the professionals in core drilling Sydney are using the wall sawing tool. It can be used to create large openings in the vertical structure of the buildings, particularly to include doors and windows.

The main thing that should be considered while working with the wall sawing is the level of friction. By using the diamond blade of wall sawing, you can able to reduce the level of friction in the walls. The vertical concrete structure can be handled only by the trained professionals in the concrete cutting service providers. Hence, you have to hire the best concrete cutting service in Sydney, for such types of construction projects. 

Floor sawing in core drilling

As the name indicates, the floor sawing tools are used to drill holes in the floors like concrete payments, roads, docks, and bridges. When the construction projects are needed of different shapes and sizes in the concrete cutting Sydney, the floor sawing techniques can be used.

The main benefit of using the floor sawing tool is it leaves the remaining concrete surface undisturbed. In order to power up the floor sawing tools, the professionals are using diesel, petrol, and 3 –phase electricity. Based on the application areas, floor sawing tools can be used. It is recommended to avail of the best concrete cutting services in Sydney to work with floor sawing tools. 

Ring sawing 

Ring sawing is widely used in small and medium-sized construction projects in Sydney. The ring saws are mostly used to create the holes in the confined area in the construction project with a high level of precision. Whenever you want to drill the hard concrete areas, you can make use of ring saws. The main benefit of using ring saws is it supports precision cutting and so it can prevent the concrete surfaces from being damaged and cut. It is widely used to drill hard areas like granite, stone, glass, marble, and acrylic. 

Wire sawing 

If the steel and reinforced concrete have to be drilled or cut, wire sawing tools can be used. The main benefit of using wire sawing tools is they are able to cut in different types of shapes in different sizes. Similar to dry saws, the wire saws are made up of diamond embedded cables to cut the concrete.

Whenever you want to carry out core drilling Sydney with an anti-vibration tool, you should go with a wire sawing tool. In addition to this, the wastage of the concrete is minimized and will not create any openings and cracks in concrete. But it requires the highly trained professional to handle the tool. 

Last few words 

By now, you get information about the different types of tools involved in concrete cutting Sydney. Hire the best concrete cutting services in Sydney to cut and drill the concrete without any openings and cracks. Make use of this article and choose the concrete cutting services that are available with the above-mentioned tools. 

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