Moving to Spacious Office Premises? Your Perfect Office Move Checklist
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Moving to Spacious Office Premises? Your Perfect Office Move Checklist

Moving to Spacious Office Premises? Your Perfect Office Move Checklist

Every corporate has its own shortcomings and positive aspects. Sometimes expansion and growth of the organization demand new changes like the big office in a new location. Organizing for the commercial Moving to Spacious Office  is one of the complex tasks that require a lot of planning and arrangement. Your organization’s productivity and profit ratio entirely hinge on the steady workflow and nobody wants to interrupt workflow. You can connect with packers and movers Chennai to expedite your relocation process. Here, we are putting a full-fledged office move checklist to assist you to put your office belongings on the track.

Six Months Before

Once you have decided to move you’re corporate, your foremost step is to properly review your current lease and accordingly set a time frame for your move. Signing a fresh lease for a new office too early or too late will ultimately threaten your budget and schedule.

If you can afford it, it would be better to have a month overlap so that you will get your new premises ready before the final move day.

Predefine Your Budget

It is the perfect idea to predefine your moving budget for your office relocation to avoid any delay in payments to the movers. Even if you are planning the whole move yourself, it will also cost money. it is good to get aware of the moving cost ahead of time. For this, you are required to be inclined towards your finance and accounts department.

Search for New Office

In the present scenario, online searches help individuals to find better corporate spaces at the budget-friendly price quotes and your needs.

Here are a few questions that will help you in searching for the most appropriate office for your business.

  • Target audience
  • Competitors
  • Growth of Business
  • Employees Feasibility
  • Brand Reach
  • Attributes Required in New Premises

Be it you are purchasing or signing a tenancy on the new workplace, odds are good that you’ll be placing down roots and remaining a while. It will be good to choose the place that is sufficient to pick all the office stuff perfectly.

Hire a Professional Moving Organization

When it comes to business, everything should be on time. So, get connected with movers and packers in Chennai as soon as you have leased our new business premises. Make the pointers for your requirements like packing, insurance, and others. It is good to undergo proper research and read the reviews for at least two to three moving companies.

Before 3 Months

It is the best time to inform your office staff regarding the move and the great benefits of moving to the new place. Be open with your employees to any pushback related to longer travels, troublesome parking, or other issues that you might not have well-thought-out. Devouring enough time to fix and come to rapports with pitfalls will avert poor morale later.

Make a Moving Committee

If you have large strength of employees, then you can make a moving committee to delegate your moving tasks, properly communicate valuable and relevant move-related information with your teammates, and put everything as per your schedule. The committee will prepare a moving checklist as they are well aware of the office stuff.

Do Inform Your Landlord Regarding Your Move

Even though you are relocating to the new premises; it is a better idea to be in the good books of your current landlord. Once you have confirmed the move date, inform your landlord regarding it so that he will make arrangements for new tenants well on time.

Plan Your Office Layout

Ask your moving committee to prepare the floor plan of the new offices and work on a suitable layout before moving day. This will make moving day calmer on your workers and the moving crew. Always consider your workflow and departmental collaboration.

Tech Updates

Always pre-inform your IT Department aware of the office relocation so that they will pre-plan their functioning based on the following areas:

  • Phone systems
  • Internet
  • Data storage
  • Individual computers
  • Copy machines
  • Security systems

Moving day is not the appropriate time to determine your need as it takes a week to get the servers up and running.

Get Your Moving Supplies

If you have hired office relocation providers, you require to start stocking up your packing essentials. It is advised to make use of new card boxes to safeguard your office stuff from getting damaged.

Six Weeks Before

At this point, your office move is possibly starting to feel tangible.

Time spends like a river when you’re busy, so do use this time to preplan, organize, and declutter. So that you’re moving day will be continuous and stress-free.

Declutter Your Belongings

Do not forget to check the storage room of your office premises to check extra furniture, supplies, or decor items that are not required anymore at the new space. It is better to get rid of them. The fewer items you have to move, the less are required to pay the moving company.

Go Paperless

A new office move is a perfect chance to go green and switch to a paperless system.

Update Your Vendors Regarding Move

Make your vendors aware of the new office address so that they would not find any difficulty in finding you at the new place.

Start Packing Items

You can carefully start packing the office stuff that you do not want the moving company to pack for you. Retain a detailed inventory list and pack each carton with a color-coded tag to make unloading easier.

Order New Equipment

Do not forget to order the new furniture or office equipment you’ll require at your new office. If possible, arrange to have it transported the day just after your move, so you won’t have transport workers and moving crews getting in each other’s way.

One Week Before

At this time, things have become pretty frantic at the office by now, and that’s okay! Before you know it, you’ll be securely fitted in your new office and effects will get back to normal.

Until then

  • Verify Your Moving Dates
  • Security Access
  • Clean New Building
  • Pack Personal Items
  • Back-Up Computers

Moving Day

Finally, your moving day has arrived! This is the day on which, your all planning and organization pay off. Let your movers packers Chennai do their thing and before you know it, you’ll be back to work.

Have a Happy and Safe Move!!!!!

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