All That You Need To Know About Embassy Attestation for Bahrain

All That You Need To Know About Embassy Attestation for Bahrain

Bahrain is a fast developing nation with a high-income economy. Large numbers of people want in India look forward to settling down in this country. For this one will have to apply for the visa and for the visa application you have to submit attested documents.


Let us the Bahrain Embassy Attestation process for different types of documents:

Educational Documents:

For this, the original certificate and passport has to be submitted. First, the document has to be attested by the notary. This will be followed by the HRD department of the State. Then will be the attestation by the Ministry of External affairs or MEA attestation and finally, the document has to be attested by the Bahrain embassy.

Salary Certificate Attestation:

The candidate must have the salary certificate on the company letterhead and it needs to be signed by the authorized signatory. The candidate will also have to show his passport, original ID card, computer card copy and commercial registration copy. The salary certificate attestation will have to be done by the Chamber of commerce. This will be followed by the MEA attestation and finally attestation by the embassy. It must be noted that if the experience certificate has to be attested then too the same procedure has to be followed.

Non-Education Certificate Attestation:

Marriage certificate, birth certificate etc will come under this category. The original copy of the certificate and the passport needs to be submitted. The attestation will have to be done by the notary, then the state department, next will be MEA attestation and finally embassy attestation.

Migration or Transfer Certificate Attestation:

After completion of studies, this certificate is issued by the university or by the concerned authorities. The candidate needs to have a transfer certificate with the principal’s signature.  The attestation will be first done by the Ministry of education. Next the attestation will be done by the Ministry of external affairs and finally the attestation will be done by the embassy.

Choose The Best Attestation Service Provider:

These attestation processes can take a long time and it can even confuse a person. It is therefore; better to opt for professional help. There are some reputed companies that offer attestation and Apostille service in Delhi. You can always take help from these companies.

But you have to make sure that you choose only the best service providers. One of the main reasons for this is that you will have to give them your original documents. Only when you give them your original documents they can do the attestation. Now, this can be risky. If the company loses the documents then you are in big trouble. There are also chances that the company that you have select cheats you and you can end up in a mess.

We can understand that it may not be possible for you to complete the attestation on your own. So you can opt for professional help but be prudent while choosing the company.

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