Do You Need A Roof Restoration for Your Home?

Do You Need A Roof Restoration for Your Home?

The roof is the main protective component of your house, and it also bears the brunt of the harsh weather elements over time. Day and night, it protects from rain, hail, snow, and sun. This is why it is essential to make regular inspection of the roof so as to ensure that it is in excellent condition and doesn’t need restoration or any kind of repairs. You should look for any loose mortar or gaps in the roof or loose tiles or clipped corners. Any leaks or dampness are signs that you need to go for roof restoration.

With age and time, all roofs become weak. Typically, a well-constructed roof can last for more than two decades. However, as it ages, it will need restoration and repairs. Thus, if your roof is already 20 years old, give it a careful inspection and watch out for signs that indicate that your house needs a roof restoration.

How to know if you need a roof restoration service? Well, you need to be proactive in such matters and look for signs that indicate that something is wrong with the roof. Here are some signs and indications that will tell you that you need to fix the roof.

Signs That You Need to Go for A Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Services

Get a professional to inspect the roof and look for the following signs or indications that tell you that something is wrong with the roof. Keep in mind that the roof needs to be inspected from outside and inside. Take care when you walk on the roof looking for signs of damage as the roof can get steep at times.

  • Inspect roof of every room from within the house and look for any signs of dampness. In the attic, check the roof cavity and look for any dark spots that indicate water damage. In case there is even a slight sign of dampness, it means that you need to go for roof restoration.
  • If you see the light coming through the roof, it means that there is some gap that needs to be fixed. It is essential to do so right away as a gap means that you may have dirt, debris and even pests coming into the house.
  • Look carefully around the pipes, vents and around the chimney and inspect for any loose material. These are the points where the roof has been sealed, and therefore the sealing joint needs to be in good condition.
  • Inspect the roof valleys for signs of wear and tear and check out for any signs of rot, mould or moisture. All those signs indicate that your house needs a roof restoration.
  • Sift through the roof for any curled or worn shingles. In case you find any shingle granules in the gutters; you probably will need to replace the shingles and repair the roof. Always check your gutters and downpipes as they will show signs of any damage to the roof.
  • Another essential aspect to look for is a sagging roof when checking the roof from inside or outside. A sagging roof is a sure shot sign that something is wrong with the roof. You will need a professional roof restoration service here.
  • Flashing material is often found in older houses to avoid leaks, and as it is made of tar or cement, so it may be possible that the material has weakened over time. It is a good idea to replace the older flashing material with new metal flashing which is stronger and more durable.
  • The most common issue with tiled roofs is broken tiles or tiles getting loose. However, improperly placed tiles can lead to leakage and seepage within the house and cause further issues like mould and rotting of wood.

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