New Hikvison Gen2 WiFi Doorbell

New Hikvison Gen2 WiFi Doorbell

The new Hikvision Gen2 Wifi doorbell has arrived and has quickly taken the place of the smaller, more plastic Gen1 Wifi doorbell.

Some first impressions from us here at Protec Security and Electrical are that the new Hikvision design is much more high-end with a larger illuminated push button, gloss black and silver trims and now a card reader. The Gen1 doorbell from Hikvision was extremely popular with our customers as it was easy to use, had 5 optional covers that were user replaceable and connected directly with the customers 2.7ghz Wifi. The downsides of the Gen1 model were the lower IP rating of 54 as opposed to the new Hikvision Gen2 WiFi doorbell with an IP rating of 65.

One surprising change from this complete model change was the lens field of view. The Gen1 doorbell boasted a massive 180º horizontal field of view however the new Hikvision Gen2 Wifi doorbell is now sitting at 129º. I have installed multiple Gen2 Hikvision doorbells and have found the new field of view okay as this will increase the overall pixel density from the 1080p image in the smaller field of view and often 180º is not required for most properties.

The new Hikvision Wifi doorbell offers something for us installers as well, the additional of a web configuration menu. The Gen1 doorbell from Hikvision would only allow setup using the mobile application Hik-Connect however the Gen2 offers a large range of configuration options with the online login via the IP address of the Hikvision doorbell.

Using this login many settings can be changed such as:

  • Motion detection area and sensitivity
  • DHCP or Static IP address
  • Mobile client activation and debonding
  • Resolution settings from 720p to 1080pHD including frame rate
  • Wide Dynamic Range activation for brightening dark areas
  • Call options

The Gen1 Hikvision doorbell can be added to a customers Hikvision or HiLook NVR as an online IP camera offering 24/7 recording and playback without requiring a TF or SD card. The downside of a Gen1 Hikvision Wifi doorbell was the IP address was set with DHCP meaning the camera added to the NVR (recorder) could potentially be readdressed and the live view and camera adding settings could be lost and have to be reconfigured. The Gen2 Hikvison Wifi doorbell can now be powered by POE.

Here at Protec Security and Electrical we install the new Hikvision Gen2 Wifi doorbell with a POE injector meaning the doorbell is no longer using your Wifi network, but instead direct connected to your network via an ethernet port. This can increase speed and reliability of your new Hikvision Wifi doorbell and paired with a static IP address we’re ensuring your added doorbell to your HiLook or Hikvision NVR will be permanent.

The Gen2 Hikvision Wifi Doorbell will require updating to the latest firmware and if adding to the HiLook recorder the firmware must be on the latest version to ensure the recorder does not crash when the Hikvision Wifi Doorbell is added as a network camera.

We have been using this Hikvision doorbell as a great asset to domestic security systems Perth. It can provide security coverage to the entryway, removing the need for a security camera located in the same area with the added benefit of 2 way audio, push notifications and basic notifications.

This doorbell can also be paired with an internal Hikvision screen so you can easily answer your visitor without having to get the iPhone or Android phone out.

Some other features of this new Hikvision Wifi doorbell is the card reader along with door strike capability. When using these features I generally option for the conventional Hikvision Villa door station as these are made from stainless steel and are a far more commercial look however this is an option that is available and Hikvision have managed to keep the pricing fairly similar factoring in the need for a POE injector in lieu of a 12v power supply

We’re always happy to discuss the pros and cons of each camera model, their best applications, NVR options and endless other questions here at Protec Security and Electrical. If you’re researching your CCTV system Perth then ensure you get knowledgeable installers with real world testing of your chosen system.

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