Office Plants – Use Them For A Healthier And Happier Tomorrow

Office Plants – Use Them For A Healthier And Happier Tomorrow

If you are a business owner and trying to set up your new office environment, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Very likely you will begin with purchasing equipment such as computers and printers, furniture like desks and chairs, and much more. The one thing you probably might not think is potted plants or shrubs. Get fresh and evergreen plants through an office plant hire company and make your office environment peaceful and relaxing to work in. Plants add style, freshness, and life to the current workplace but more importantly, they help filter out all the other harmful toxins in the air and transform the place into a healthier and happier environment for the employees working there.

Office Plants

Some Major Advantages

Latest studies and researches have shown that plants in the workplace offer us with an enormous amount of benefits apart from being aesthetically pleasing. Plant life improves the quality of the air, and also helps in reducing stress, decreases the sick days, and enhances employees’ well-being, only with the motive to increase productivity. Read on further to know the advantages in detail

Cleans The Air Quality

As you have already studied in your high school biology class, plants play an important role in the environment as they clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and other pollutants and release oxygen in return through a process called photosynthesis. In fact, some types of plants are capable enough to remove 50-75% of these harmful chemical compounds such as hexane and benzene from the atmosphere. You will be surprised to know that these compounds are also found in some of the household cleaning agents, plastics, pesticides, and car gasoline/exhaust.

Reduces Employee’s Sickness

Harmful and dangerous synthetic materials are found in any office. These substances emit low levels of chemicals spread out, when there is no circulation of air. And this is why people working there breathe in the recycled air and toxins and thus become sick. Looking at this the scientists researched about it and then came out with a perfect solution that a room that contains plants will have about 50-60% fewer bacteria in the air than a room without these plants. If you want to ensure good health of your employees, then every person should have a plant on his or her desk and at least 15-20 plants within a 1,500 square-foot area for better health.

Make The Area Peaceful

Many people don’t realize this true fact, but plants have the capability to absorb and reflect loud noises and sounds. How much of the sound is absorbed depends on many factors, such as the species of plant, length, and the container in which it remains. Plants basically deflect the noise because of their flexibility. So when the sound waves reach them, the leaves and stems vibrate and the waves are then diverted to the corners of the room. Several small plants work better than using huge ones, so a cubicle lined with a few small plants can reduce noise levels up to any extent.

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