How to Pass in Compartment Exams

How to Pass in Compartment Exams

Final BISE exams are conducted annually, with thousands of students from each educational board appearing. Unfortunately, however, some students are unable to pass their annual exams, and receive a disappointing result. 

In this case, students are required to register and appear for the supplementary exams, also known as compartment exams. Students who are registered to appear for the compartment exams will have limited time to undergo exam preparation, so a solid and effective preparation strategy is a must.

If you are among those students who must appear for the supplementary exams this year, then stop worrying, and start studying! Follow these tips for developing an exam preparation strategy that will help you clear the compartment exams. 

Work Hard

Rather than trying to avoid the reality that you must appear for the supplementary exams, you must face the facts. Accept that the compartment exams are upcoming and that you must prepare for them. Once you have established that, you must make up your mind to work hard with dedication and consistency. This is the only way you will be able to pass these examinations and move on to the next class without repeating.

Past Papers

Obtain the previous 5 years past papers for each subject, according to your relevant educational board. You can find these past papers on Be sure to solve all the past papers at least once. Since time is limited to prepare for the supplementary exams, you will need to solve at least one past paper daily. This consistency will help you pass.

Cover the Syllabus

Do not try to cut corners by skipping some chapters in the syllabus. The compartment exam can include questions from any topic in the syllabus, so you cannot risk skipping any chapter. Be sure to cover each topic thoroughly, by reading the textbook, using other studying aids, and solving all the past papers. This way, you will be well-prepared, no matter which topics appear on the examination.


Keep the syllabus fresh in your mind by revising consistently. Make it a habit to revise at least one chapter each day. This way, you will improve your memory retention and recall abilities, and it will reduce the risk of forgetting information just before the compartment exams. There are different revision techniques, so use the methods that are most comfortable for you.

Stay Calm

This is important – stay calm! Panicking will not help you perform better on the retake examinations, instead, it will reduce your ability to study and remember information. So be sure to maintain a cool mind during your exam preparation, and try out relaxation techniques before entering the examination hall. 

Follow these tips for developing an effective exam preparation strategy in limited time, to help you pass your retake examinations and move on to the next class. Good luck!

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