Personalized Icing to Give Your Cake That Extra Appeal

Personalized Icing to Give Your Cake That Extra Appeal

Printers have come a long way from just being able print some text on a sheet of paper. Printers can now print edible products, yes you heard me right all major players from Canon to Epson are now offering printers that can print on Frosting sheets, Wafer paper and Chocolate transfer sheets to make your make your cake special and personalized. Some of them can also print biscuits, chocolate, confetti, cookies and marshmallows. Think of having a photo of your childhood or a photo of you on a beach along your with your family as icing on your birthday cake, surely this would make your  special day very special and would be none less than cherry on the cake. ICINGINKS is one such site that provide you this a complete online market place that is specially dedicated to products that are necessary to make edible icings and their range of products goes from  printers, cartridges, markers, refill inks to frosting sheet and all of them being edible.

Their products category includes a range of products all of them bundled with exciting deals and kits, some of them are given below:-

  • Printers that print on edible papers

Canon and Epson Wireless all-in-one edible printers are the best edible printers that print high resolution images. They are customized by industry experts who fine tune some settings on the machine so that they can print on a variety of edible papers. They really on 6 ink cartages to print the image.

  • Direct to cake printer

CakePro 750A is very special printer specially meant for those who love baking a lot or for professionals. It can print directly on cakes, biscuits, chocolate, confetti, cookies, marshmallows and whatnot with the only exception being their height must be less than 8cm. It saves both time and money by printing directly on the product rather than on a frosting or chocolate sheet. It also prints faster than the above mentioned ones.

  • Frosting sheets

Edible sheets are very useful in cake decorations. An edible paper is made up of rice, potatoes and glycerin. ICINGINKS offers a variety of edible papers of various dimensions and they are softer and produce better print quality than any other similar product available in the market. They are perfect for your cake biscuits, chocolate, confetti, cookies and marshmallows.

  • Edible cartridges

Edible cartridges are designed to print on edible sheets. They are of the same shape and size as compared to the original cartridges so that you easily swap them with your old cartridges. They are free from gluten and go through rigorous quality tests to ensure premium product that is safe to eat and they are FDA compliant and are made in USA. They contain specially made food-grade color inks.

Edible Printers

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