Pest Control Adelaide – Keep these Pests at Bay

Pest Control Adelaide – Keep these Pests at Bay

Humans and pest war has been on for centuries. Pests are those uninvited guests who will live inside your home, feed there, breed there, and will damage your assets. Moreover, most of the pests bring hazardous viruses and bacteria into your home. Hiring a reliable expert for pest control Adelaide is a no brainer.

Wondering for which pests you should call the professionals?

Follow the lead!


Ants live in colonies or groups and have social connections amongst them. These tiny pests can be seen marching in gardens or your home searching for food, especially the sweets. Even the smallest hole in your door frame, ceiling, window frame, etc. can be the gateway to the ants.

Ants have negligible health risks to humans but that doesn’t imply that you let them enter your living place. Moreover, some ant species can be hazardous for you and your family members.


Believe it or not but cockroaches or roaches have been on this earth for more than a thousand years (probably from the times of dinosaurs). That’s why they are one of the most adaptable pests on the earth. From local restaurants to your kitchen, or office to roadside, you can find cockroaches anywhere. These pests don’t just look disgusting but also their bite can cause food poisoning, wound infection, and gastric upset. These 4000 living species can only be retained from your home or other spaces through a reliable pest control Adelaide.


These warm-blooded animals and mammals live in your house just for the same reason you are living there – food, water, and shelter. Like most of us, they like quiet and warm spots. But, they cause damage and problems to your property and other belongings. Rats constantly gnaw things like paper, wires, cardboard, wood, clothes, etc. They do all of this because of the always growing incisors. Unbelievably, this can be the reason of their death as well. Not only the rats damage your property but even spread dangerous diseases too as they carry viruses and bacteria along with them to your home. Rat-bite fever, plague, Salmonellosis, and Q-fever are a few of the common diseases caused by mice and rats.


Above all the pests, termites are the world’s most destructive wooden pests. After some time, termite damage can become significant on your windows, beds, furniture, doors, or wooden floor. They are also called as ‘Silent Killers.’ They will silently damage your property and you won’t even notice. The pest control experts will reach the roots of their residency and kill them.


If there are any living vampires on the earth, they are the mosquitoes. Do you know that there are almost 3000 species of mosquitoes in the world? Yes, you read it right! All these species can be dangerous for humans as they spread various deadly diseases such as Yellow Fever, Dengue, and Zika Virus are just some names to count. Stagnant water is the reproduction ground for mosquitoes.

Winding Up

Above listed are the most common pests that can affect any homeowner’s peace of mind. It’s better to get in touch with experienced pest or termite control Adelaide so that you live a happy and healthy life.

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