Pets and Fencing Must Go Together in Adelaide

Pets and Fencing Must Go Together in Adelaide

If you have just purchased a pet, it is extremely important you ensure your fencing is adequate in your Adelaide home. You will find many pet rescue centres and responsible breeders will only adopt out a pet if you have adequate fencing in Adelaide, as it is a crucial part of protecting your animal.

Why is fencing important for your pets?

When you first hold your new puppy or kitten in your hands for the very first time all you want to do is protect it. The little bundle of joys bring so much happiness and love that you know it’s your mission to ensure their safety. Instead of keeping it locked in your home all day, it’s important to allow it to enjoy the fresh air. However, this is only possible if you have adequate fencing.

The great thing about fencing is it protects your pet from so many different risks. Firstly, it prevents your animal running off into the road and getting injured in traffic. Furthermore, it also stops strangers from stealing your pet. Pet theft is actually a real thing with many animals being stolen for a range of criminal activity. Whether it’s to perform an act of animal cruelty, to sell on the black market for a profit or to take part in illegal dog fighting, the options are endless. Attaching a lock to your gates will ensure intruders cannot get in .

It’s also important to protect your pets from animal control that may think if your animal is running loose that it doesn’t have a home. Another benefit is keeping your pet away from wild animals that could either attack them or give them a disease. Ultimately, fencing will give you important peace of mind that your pet is protected.

Fencing options

There are a variety of different fencing options available suitable for a range of budgets and yard sizes. It’s important to consider the type of bed you have and also the escape route, as just because you have a fence does not mean they are not going to be able to get out. For example, cats are known for scaling great heights and will be able to easily jump over a fence if it’s not tall enough. When it comes to dogs, medium to large breeds can easily leap over four foot fences, whereas you’d probably be safe to protect a smaller breed with this size. The best bet for a larger do is generally six feet or taller.

In addition to jumping, you must consider digging. Dogs are renowned for digging under fences as a route of escape if they are bored. Luckily, there are many methods to prevent the escape. Firstly, you can burry chicken wire under ground around the fencing to stop them digging out. Another good way, is to have the fence placed a few feet lower. You can even enhance the look of your yard at the same time, by placing large landscaping stones around the perimeter

For those that live on a rural property, some actually prefer invisible fencing. This is where boundaries are set up with flags and a wire runs around the perimeter. The dog is equipped with a collar that emits a small electric shock when the border is crossed. The dog quickly learns where it can and cannot go.

If you would like to learn more about your fencing options in Adelaide, visit the Fencing World website today for more info.

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