Pipe Bending Brisbane – Complex Curves

Pipe Bending Brisbane – Complex Curves

With the new and growing demand of Infrastructure development, rolled metal projects are being designed with what looks like a simple task, but actually, it poses a complex problem for technicians who do it. Pipe Bending at Brisbane is done at its best by well experienced team with years of hands-on experience. You put your demand in the hands of Industrial Tube Manufacturing and they will fulfill it.

Bending metal tubes, pipes, beams, or flat bars into various shapes in one piece is not an easy task. There are several parameters that need to be considered. This task is performed with due diligence by expert technicians using the best and latest machinery. While working with pipes and tubes due care is taken to study size of the item that needs to be bent, required angle and size of the curves to be bent, and the allowed straight distance between the curves.  For example, bending a wide extension beam or a pipe in to “S” shape where there is enough distance between the bends for bending machine pick up is much easier.

One method for the bends to be made, involves having the material fed into the machine separately from each end of the piece.  The minimum length of the distance between the bends will depend on both the size of the piece being bent, and the overall size of the tooling for the bending machine to be used.  The biggest beam bending machines, with the largest tooling can easily require several feet of material straight to fit between bends.

Unfortunately some requests are not easy to deliver but that is what we love to do at ITM (Industrial Tube Manufacturing) Australia. If a customer asks for bends to be rolled with little or no straight distance at all, that could be possible with rolling flat plates the easy way.  However, bending an “S” shape the hard way into the rectangular tube and flat plate into an “S” shape would not be possible in certain situations.  Here an expert technician can be extremely helpful as they are aware of each bend of the tube and the plates to be rolled as an individual part.  In this way, the undesired straight lengths on each rolled piece could be trimmed off by the customer, and welded together to achieve the desired “S” shape on location.

If you look at something as a problem it will be a bigger one always. Stop looking for problems try to find solutions and the best solution to your Pipe Bending in Brisbane complications ends at the premises of Industrial Tube Manufacturing Australia.

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