Pipe Bending in Metal Industry

Pipe Bending in Metal Industry

In this competitive world that is the 21st century, every commercial organization wants to be as efficient as possible in order to compete and survive. They want each process and method be a efficient method. Many commercial and engineering based companies require the process of Pipe Bending.

Pipe Bending is a common term used in the metal manufacture industry to brief the metal shaping or forming process which is used to permanently shape tubes and pipes. There are various techniques available to perform these operations like free form-bending, form-bound bending, neat supported and cold forming procedures.etc. Generally, the pipe has round shape or can say that round cross section but they can be of other shape like square and rectangle.

Form-bound bending method of manufacture Pipe bending:

This method makes use of die to manufacture pieces of pipe. Die is a shaped block that has been manufactured with the correct profile, by which the desired pipe bend can be achieved in efficient manner. This dies are placed in the machine, into which pipes are feted. Numbers of bending can be applied on a pipe by using these machines. Hence these machines enable to get desired shape.

Free form bending process of manufacture Pipe bending:

In this process, the pieces of the pipe are shaped cinematically. Hence the shape does not depend on the shape of die and allows different shapes and contours to be form.

Tube Bending Related Terms:

There are various terms that are used to explain Tube Bending process. This term may mean to methodologies or other required process. Some of these processes are as follow:

Geometry: This is very general term which describes the size and shape of the pipe bend. General Geometry range includes, from elbows in range 2 to 90 degrees to U bends up to range 180 degrees. The bends can be very complex; it means they differ in their respective dimensions. Pipe bends can be 2 dimensional (has openings in same plane) and 3 dimensional (has openings in different planes).

Processes: The various processes included in pipe bending are as follow:

  • Press bending – It is a simplest form of bending and forces the tube around the die.
  • Rotary draw bending – It make use of the complex dies for pipe bending along with the other supporting rules.
  • Roll Bending – It make use of the rollers for pipe bending.
  • Heat Induction – In this method heat is used to soften the metal then pipe is bended.
  • Sand Packing/Hot Slab Forming – In this method sand and heat is used to bend the pipe.
  • Mandrels – It is a steel rod which is used to bend the pipe.
  • Bending springs – In this method spring is inserted in pipe to bend it.

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