Different Kinds of Plastic Card Printers Providers in Australia

Different Kinds of Plastic Card Printers Providers in Australia

Everyone likes to flash a card at any shopping mall instead of paying cash. It has become a fashion statement these days. These fashion statements of ours need special printers which are desktop ones and have a single card feeder. The plastic card printers in Australia are supported by printer drivers generally, but some new printers these days are also supported by a programming language. All the card printers have to laminate, punching and stripping functions.

Plastic Card Printers Australia

Types of plastic card printers

There are many types of plastic card printers:

  • One-sided card printer: This type of printer prints on only one side of the card. It has a capability of full color or monochrome printing. This printer also has a magnetic stripe and smart card encoding options. The direct to a card and stunning reverse transfer print technology is also present in this card printer.
  • Double-sided card printer: Saving time becomes a priority when one talks about double side card printers or dual side card printers. These printers print both card sides at the same time. These printers are perfect for organizations that need to print huge volumes of cards with the cardholder’s information on both sides of the card.
  • Rewritable plastic card machine: This type of a printer has the modern edge technology, which does not need a ribbon to print cards. In this printer, the prints on the card show themselves when the thermo sensitive material present in the card is heated to a temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius and speedily cooled. In this technology, the same card can be reused and printed again up to 500 times.
  • Magnetic stripe card: This type of card has the capability to store data after doing some modification of the small iron based magnetic particles on the magnetic material band on the card. These cards are generally used in credit cards, transportation tickets and identity cards. These cards can also have a microchip or a transponder device which is used in business premises to access control.
  • Smart card encoding machines: These printers are basically meant for printing smart cards printing. These cards have a chip inserted in them, which can be programmed.

Uses of Plastic card printers

The new age plastic card printers have many advantages over the older ones. They are as follows:

  • Durability: The plastic card printers promise an era of durability as the cards have the protection of lamination and varnishes and are resistant to UV lights, water exposure, chemicals and abrasion.
  • Security: New security features like holograms are inbuilt into cards in these printers which give security a new meaning and also make the cards resistant to tampering.
  • Image quality: Digital printing technology gives the plastic card printers an edge over their older counterparts. Now the images are sharper and the color quality can be edited.
  • Professionalism: The plastic card printers help you to look more professional with the new age digital card look and give a lasting impression on others.

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