Professional Roof Restorations Made Easy with simple steps in Melbourne

Professional Roof Restorations Made Easy with simple steps in Melbourne

There comes a time for all Melbourne homeowners when they need to begin thinking about roof restorations. It may be that you have begun to notice problems with your roof. Perhaps it leaks in certain areas after a storm, or it’s appearance is beginning to deteriorate. Whatever the issue is, it’s best to hire professional roofers to take a look and make any necessary repairs. It’s important to remember that a roof restoration is a much cheaper option that a full re-roof. It’s also a lot less invasive and won’t take as long.

If you think your home might need a roof restoration Melbourne it’s important to equip yourself with the right knowledge. Below, we explain the general steps of a roof restoration on a tiled roof.


The first step to restoring your roof is a thorough investigation. For many homeowners it can be very difficult to know exactly what is going on up on your roof, with it being out of your eye line. The great thing about professional roofers is they are not afraid of heights and will scale your roof in no time to have a look around. They will perform a thorough evaluation of your roof to determine any problems that they couldn’t see from the ground. Normally, tiles will be loose, missing or damaged. In this case, the tiles are either repaired or replaced. Any faulty valley irons are also replaced during this process.


Once all the damaged tiles have been replaced, it’s time for a clean. Once a roof is installed on a property, most households don’t really do anything but enjoy the protection it provides them. However, over time dirt and grime builds up and can become a problem. Unfortunately, rain is not enough to wash away the dirt and in some cases actually spurs on problems like mould. Prior to the clean it is important to clear any blocked gutters or pipes to water can freely flow off your roof. Once that is done a professional roofer will utilise a high pressure cleaner to blast off the dirt on every inch of your roof.

Re-bed and re-point

If ridge capping is looking worse for wear and needs a make over then the professional roofers will re-bed them. Using a flexible acrylic pointing mix, they will also then re-point the ridge capping.


The next step is to completely sterilise your roof. This is an important step before you seal the roof, as your roof can be full of a lot of bacteria. Problems like algal and fungal are quite common and must definitely be treated prior to any coating. Most roofers will apply Mouldrid, which does an excellent job at sterilising the entire surface.


Now it’s time to seal all the hard work that has been performed on the roof. Using a Reflect + Primer, the roof is sealed, which ensures strong adhesion when it’s time to paint. There are an extensive variety of primers on the market, which your roofer will explain to you.

Reflect +

For homeowners wanting to enhance the durability of their roof, Reflect + is ideal. Professional roofers apply two coats of Reflect + which covers the surface, providing ultimate protection against the weather and other factors that damage your roof.

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