Pros and Cons to Moving to Tucson

Pros and Cons to Moving to Tucson

If you can call valleys and deserts with 350 days of sunshine as your home, Tucson is for you. The second-largest city in Arizona is often expected to be another Phoenix, the state capital but it is not. In Tucson, there are more remnants of the Old West, giving it a certain charm. Before moving to Tucson, it is better to know more about the cit which will help you analyze if your decision is right for the family. Here we discuss the pros and cons of moving to Tucson.

Say Goodbye to Snow

Moving to Tucson, you no more shovel snow off your driveway. The night temperature in winter can drop to 40s but days will be warm. The warm weather around the year makes it ideal for hiking, rock climbing, and other recreational activities.

Mountains All Around You

If mountains are what you call home, you will love Tucson. With several mountains within short drives, outdoor activities will be your new cup of tea. Hiking, trailing, and rock climbing will be your weekend activities. The major mountains are:

  • Santa Catalina Mountains
  • Tortolita Mountains
  • Santa Rita Mountains
  • Rincon Mountains
  • Tucson Mountains

Ample Fresh Air to Breath

Tucson ranks high in the air quality index. It is one of the cleanest metropolises in the United States and promises a high quality of life to its residents.

A Great Food Scene to explore

In Tucson, you will get to explore a great food scene, which includes authentic Mexican cuisine, upscale dining, farm to table, French-inspired fare, and more. The city is the first UNESCO Capital of Gastronomy in the United States. If you move to Tucson, Az, you will discover that you are in the best place to be hungry.

No Shortage of Outdoor Activities

For fitness freaks, moving to Tucson will be the wisest decision of their life. From being a biking paradise to hiker’s haven, there are ample options to burn calories. On mornings and weekends, you will see bikers gliding through the streets and the trails. With plentiful sunshine and good weather, marathons take place annually here. There are also several hiking trails within the city limits.

Some of the popular hiking trails in Tucson are:

  • Sabino Canyon
  • Tanque Verde Falls
  • Pima Canyon
  • Catalina State Park
  • Tumamoc Hill
  • Saguaro National Park

Create a New Style Statement

Moving to Tucson, you need to give up the three-piece suit and your formals will be more of a pair of jeans and a normal shirt. Sunglasses will be a part of your armory and you will learn to move to the office wearing a hat. Sunscreens will be an unavoidable part of your makeup kit. The sun is sometimes merciless here.

Cons of Moving to Tucson

Moving to Tucson also has cons like its pros. A guide on Tucson is incomplete without mentioning some of the negative traits of the city

Everyone Gets Valley fever

At Tucson, valley fever can infect you at any time. One morning, you will find to be down with fever and this can continue for a few days. It can be detected with a blood test. Do not worry as it is curable these days.

Get Prepared to See Tarantulas

At home, you can suddenly see a 4-inch black spider on the wall or at the porch. Venomous, the creature can scare you. Tarantulas do not usually attack humans unless you hurt them. Nocturnal, they are not seen in daylight.

Dangerous Black Widows Are Here                                 

Moved to Tucson, black widow spiders can keep you awake at night. They are lethal and are mostly seen in a shed, woodpile, or a corner of lawn furniture. Just leave them alone. If they felt you are harmful, can bite you which may even cause death. Do not panic as treatments are available at clinics.

No Venturing Out in Summer Noon

The summers are extremely hot, especially the noontime. You need to be extra careful if venturing out the afternoon till evening. Even normal air-coolers stop functioning at this time and you need to put on the air-conditioner to sit inside. This can be a con of moving to Tucson.

So should you move to Tucson? If you are a fitness freak, artist, nature lover, or an innovator, you must. The city promises comfort and lifestyle that no other destination can offer. Come to Tucson to experience it.

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