Proven Tips for Effective Studying for Service Now CSA Certification

Proven Tips for Effective Studying for Service Now CSA Certification

As a ServiceNow Certification aspirant, it is often overwhelming to plan out the things to be done to study for the ServiceNow CSA Certification effectively! The admin cert is the first step for anybody to enter into the ServiceNow universe. Hence it needs special training and guidance. 

In this blog, we have created a brief guide for you to help pass the CSA exam with an excellent percentile. There are 5 proven tips for effective studying for ServiceNow CSA Certification in this blog to help you crack the exam with ease. 

ServiceNow CSA is the most in-demand certification among all three certification paths under ServiceNow. There is no second opinion that once you become a certified ServiceNow System Administrator, a pool of opportunities will surround you. So, let us start our discussion now. 

Here are the 5 proven tips for studying for ServiceNow CSA Certification: 

Go Through The Guide 

ServiceNow makes sure it does not leave any stones unturned to help aspirants crack the certification exams, given they are ready to invest themselves fully in learning for it. It would be best to go through the learning guide that includes everything you need to know about the exam. 

It is of utmost importance to check it to get the knowledge of what the exam expects from its aspirants and how the certification exam can be cleared successfully. 

Know The Drill 

The question paper and the pattern or format are the most critical drill you must decode to achieve a splendid result. Like any other certification exam, the ServiceNow CSA exam has its format. 

There are 60 questions categorized into 5 sections, including a specific percentage of questions each. You will be allotted 90 minutes to finish answering and score at least 70% to pass the exam.

The question format of the ServiceNow CSA exam is: 

1. Database Administration – 30% questions (18/60 questions)

  • Data Schema
  • CMDB
  • Application/Access Control 
  • Import Sets 

2. User Interface & Navigation – 20% (12/60 questions)

  • ServiceNow Overview 
  • Lists & Filters 
  • Forms & Templates 
  • Branding 

3. Self-service & Process Automation – 20% (12/60 questions)

  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Catalog 
  • Workflows/ Flow Designer 

4. Collaboration – 20% (12/60 questions)

  • User Administration 
  • Task Management
  • Notifications 
  • Reporting 

5. Introduction to Scripting & Administration Tools – 10% (6/60 questions)

  • Scripting 
  • Migration
  • Integration 

Accountability Partners 

While preparing for your ServiceNow CSA exam, it would help you a lot if you could get yourself an accountability partner to share your study load with. This enables a better understanding of complex concepts, fast learning, and increases problem-solving skills. 

Find out a person who shares the same interest and has a similar determination towards achieving the ServiceNow CSA Certification. It is not difficult as you can easily find an accountability partner in social groups on different social media platforms. 

Move Steadily 

One of the most critical factors that your career as a ServiceNow CSA would depend on is the skills you possess. A ServiceNow CSA Certification can lead you to an interview. However, to crack that interview and be an employee, you must have the skills required to become a ServiceNow CSA. 

Some of the skills are an analytical approach to every problem, problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills, both in terms of verbal and written, leadership potential, grip on the IT help desk, solid knowledge of the ServiceNow platform and strong command of it, basic understanding of programming, etc. 

Register for Mock Tests 

Proper assessment before the exam is necessary to understand how much polishing you require ahead of the exam. Just like practicing would prepare you for the exam, mock test results make you feel confident about passing the exam with excellent marks. Unlike practice tests, mock tests give you an unbiased impact. 

We highly suggest you register for mock tests before the ServiceNow CSA exam. Once you are confident about it, apply for the second time. 3 mock tests should be enough to crack the ServiceNow CSA exam. 

Enroll Into A Course 

Are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed by reading the whole blog? Trust us; it is not that complicated. All you need to pass the ServiceNow CSA exam with a great result is by enrolling in a course that will guide you through resourcing, studying, preparing, practicing, assessing, and finally giving the exam. 

A course works as a lantern at night. Find out an online academy to save your time hustling to places. A training program with seasoned professionals, a high success rate, and effective study materials would be the best investment. 


We hope this blog was helpful to you! If it is, join the best certification platform without any delay and start your journey to the best profession by preparing systematically for the exam.

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