Quick Guide to Set-Up Your Home During Relocation

Quick Guide to Set-Up Your Home During Relocation

Have you recently shifted to a new home in Bandra, Mumbai from Delhi? Looking for a well-thought-out plan to organize your household stuff in your new home? Well, we have a great plan for you! All you need is to simply go by the step by step guide discussed below, so you can enjoy the entire home organization journey in your own way. Also, you would need for this are the expert packers and movers in Delhi, who are well versed with the modern techniques and tools, ideas, and strategy – to make your home set up in a simple yet aesthetic way! With these tips, you can make every room, every corner, and every space in your home a happy, cozy, and tidy place to live in.

Let’s get into the step-by-step guide of home organization:

Before the Move – At Your Old Home

• Pull out everything from the closets and cupboards

The first thing in your home organization process is to remove everything from every possible corner in your home –the cupboards, wardrobes, and cabinets. Look for other storage spaces of your home and pull out everything that is there. Assemble everything in an open space and sort out things as per your need. Assess your personal requirements, and see which ones you would not need in your new home. It is time for you to get rid of all those items – the old clothes, the broken gadgets and instruments, unused items and furniture from your moving space.

• Discard anything and everything useless

The first point would be workable provided if it is followed up with the clearing and de-cluttering spree. You should never take along anything that you come across in your moving pile; rather you should segregate the items into three different bundles of goods – the ones you would keep, the rest that you would donate and sell.

Be heartless, while sorting things. If you have items that you have not used for over more than one year, something that is broken or damaged, something that is stained or dirty – all these items are fit to be sent for disposal. And the rest of the things that are fairly in good condition, and could be reused in the future, but of no use for you – could be sold off. This would be a great option to get rid of the excess items in your home space.

• Put together like items again and label

Once you have sorted out things, you should categorize them into separate groups/piles. Keep the like kitchen articles together – from the spices, canned goods, fruits, vegetables, dry goods, and meat – everything should be organized as per their category. Stack the similar items like spices and condiments together, canned bottles, drinks, and liquids should be placed together in the specific boxes and moving cartons that the movers would bring to your place. You can also arrange for these boxes on your own as per your need. This would make the re-arrangement of your stuff in the new place quite easy.

When it comes to the larger categorization, you can also do that by pulling out all the articles together and putting them in different piles – the dining room batch, the living room batch, the one for your study and library, and so on. So, when you reach the destination with all your goods – you can set up everything in a well-planned, organized manner without bumping into unnecessary things.

Once you are done with this, the next step to take care of is to label each of the moving piles with a name and few important details – the contents in the package, handling instructions, and the designated room it should be moved to. The reason why labeling is so important is that it makes your job easy – you know exactly what packages contain which items and where should a particular item be taken to. You can choose color-coordinated labels, printed labels from the computer, or handwritten labels using markers – you can explore the variants of making this more interesting!

• Appoint the professional movers for assistance

When you have prepared your goods and designed an inventory of the possessions you are going to shift to your new place, you can check out options for hiring the relocation providers in Delhi. There are several ones available, at different rates and prices. You should go by the laid terms and conditions, and read the agreement details before coming to a decision.

Remember, a chosen deal should fulfill your moving requirements in the best way possible. The modes of payment should be flexible and the company should have registered papers for license and insurance policy. Never accept a moving deal that does not offer you these essentials along with the assurance of safety and security of your goods and valuables. Professional relocation providers are specialized in handling and packing techniques and once you come across a moving deal that seems to fit your budget, you can go ahead with the plan.

Post the Move-In your new home

• Have a plan to organize them at your new home

Although the full-service packing and moving companies take care of your post-move arrangements too, if you have a predefined plan, organizing your new home would be a cakewalk. Just be ready with a workable plan to re-arrange your goods so that there is no space for confusion and disparity when the professionals unpack and arrange your items. Let them do their task, but make sure you supervise the entire process when they install appliances or assemble your furniture pieces as per your direction.


If you think organizing your home space could be overwhelming – both before and post your move, you can take care of the above-mentioned steps to deal with the stress and hassle efficiently. Besides, if you have professional support from the leading movers and packers in Delhi – you can rest assured because they would supervise every small and big task and help you dive over the stressful moving experience effortlessly.

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