Reasons to Switch to Modular Switches Over Traditional Switches

Reasons to Switch to Modular Switches Over Traditional Switches

Traditional switches have become a thing of the past since the Modular switches have arrived. Modular switches are considered the best electrical switches for household and commercial purpose in India. They are both convenient and safe to use. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The anti-weld design, hidden screws and shuttered sockets have made Modular switches quite popular.

While buying switches, it is essential to acknowledge the crucial features of the switch. Always check if the switch offers an excellent flame and is made up of high-quality material. In comparison to traditional switches, modular switches provide a lot of safety, comfort and elegance. Modular switches are easier to install. Apart from this, there are several reasons to opt for Modular switches over the traditional switches. Some of them are:

Modular switches Modular switches


Safety is the prime reason when it comes to electrical products. Traditional switches expose both metal and wire, unlike Modular switches. Modular switches offer a more covered structure. Modular switches are made up of finely graded material, ensuring to protect from both shocks and accidents. Since they are covered, they pose no threat of electric shock. They are not only safer but also highly efficient.
Modular switches are child-proof. Being child-proof helps in ensuring the safety of the kids. Modular switches are very convenient for people with little children.


Modular switches can be used not only as switches, but they can also be used for applications like data transmission, security, signalling and automation. They offer flexibility as they are easier to add and remove. They are available in different capacities making it easier to use with electrical products of different capacities. These switches can also allow different kinds of gadgets to connect. They are not only durable but also used for heavy-duty applications. Modular sockets are quite versatile and can also connect to different adapters easing the connectivity with appliances featuring international plugs.


The ergonomic design offers high energy efficiency. They are regarded as the best electrical switches for household purposes because of their durability and efficiency. Manufacturing companies spend a good amount of time, testing the endurance of modular switches. The wiring system inside is well organized and generally, modular switches last longer.


Modular switches have a very appealing and compact design. They are not only stylish but offer a wide variety of color, design and finish. The latest designs offer captive screws. They are available in various color option; this helps these switches to blend in the color of the interior of you your walls. They offer a very modern-day and minimalistic design. If you wish to renovate your house, you can also look at different kinds of designer switches.

Save On Finances:

Modular switches are easier to replace. They don’t just save operational time but also finances. They are more durable when compared to traditional switches and in India, where short circuit, network fluctuation is typical. It comes as a savior. The cost of replacement of switches is reduced because of the durability modular switches offer.

Considering all the advantages, modular switches have over traditional switches. It makes Modular switches the best electrical switches for household and commercial purposes. Honeywell offers a wide variety of modular switches and colors to choose from. Honeywell’s switches are not only aesthetic and safe but also give a soft touch click. They require a very soft operational touch. They are available both online and offline. Therefore, it makes modular switches from Honeywell, easier to buy. These switches undergo different durability tests before they are brought into the market. Thus, they come with high durability and affordability, making modular switches the right pick.

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