Reasons Why Pruning Your Trees And Shrubs is Necessary

Reasons Why Pruning Your Trees And Shrubs is Necessary

Just like humans need haircuts to look good and presentable, your trees also need one. Pruning is not just a method for keeping a tree in desired shape or well-put but also improving its health. Trees and shrubs both need pruning as a part of preventative maintenance. Therefore, it is essential to hire tree service Sacramento professionals to prune or trim your trees in winter or late autumn. If pruning is not done when the tree needs it, its branches can grow too close to home’s property, power lines.

Overgrown tree’s branches can also obstruct the traffic on the road. If you want your trees to look good in appearance, pruning is required for maintaining their beautiful look.

In this blog, we will cover the key reasons why pruning is necessary for your trees and Shrubs.

First, let’s understand what pruning is.

In order to maintain a tree’s health and appearance, pruning is a preventative maintenance and care method. This technique involves removing decaying or dead branches of a tree, or certain parts of a tree that are diseased, dead or decaying.

Pruning should be done correctly to reap maximum benefits. Improper pruning is detrimental for the health of a tree.


Here are the top reasons why pruning your trees is so vital.

  • To encourage growth of new branches

When dead or decaying branches are cut, it encourages the new branches to grow. In addition, it also makes the tree’s roots and branches stronger. So, it is essential to boost natural and healthy growth.

  • Pruning helps a young tree to develop strong structural integrity

Once your Landscape design in Sacramento is ready and you have planted the trees you want in it. Your job is not finished yet. A tree needs care and maintenance. If your plant is young or in the developing phase, pruning can improve its structural integrity. It will help make their limbs stronger and structure powerful.

  • To eliminate safety risk

Did you know dead branches and overgrown branches can be dangerous? A tree with dead and decaying branches is not safe if the tree is planted where the people roam around. This is because dead branches can fall on the ground due to strong storms or heavy winds and can injure people. They can injure your children when they’re playing in the front yard or backyard. If a tree has grown very close to powerlines, it is dangerous for the people walking on the ground. Because it will give a potential path for electricity to reach the ground.

  • Preventing a disease and treating the disease

With proper pruning, diseased or infected branches and parts can be cut. This means it can treat a tree because the diseased part has been cut off and there is no room for diseases to spread. Your tree can die if the disease spreads all over. Because the disease or the infection make its roots weak, causing it to fall anytime if a severe storm comes. This will lead to tree removal Sacramento. So, pruning can save your trees and prevent the disease from spreading.

Final words

Before you prune your trees, call an arborist to evaluate your trees and make a best plan for pruning them. Pruning is a job that must be done by tree care professionals.

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