How Recruitment Agencies Play an Important Role in a Job Seekers Life

How Recruitment Agencies Play an Important Role in a Job Seekers Life

Staffing agencies are firms who on behalf of the employers find candidates for any vacancy in their company. The main function of a Recruitment Agency in Melbourne is to create a communication bridge between a candidate and an employer. These agencies are highly professional since they have good knowledge of the job market in Melbourne. They help to maximize the full potential of a candidate and get them the desired job they are looking for. The candidates are chosen when they meet a certain criteria’s which is laid by employers. These agencies go through various strict procedures before hiring a candidate.

Procedure of Job Hiring For a Company

  • First recruitment agencies in Melbourne check what kinds of vacancies are being offered by the employers. Then advertisements are placed through the internet on job portals. Most of the recruiters keep sourcing CVs which are suitable for the desired vacancy.
  • Through these advertisements many candidates responds back for the vacancies if they are interested in them. If you go through a job board for the current vacancies, you will notice that the advertisements for the vacancies rarely mention the company’s name who are hiring.
  • This is just a precaution taken by the staffing agencies so that you as a candidate do not apply for the position directly.

Next is to verify the work experience and background, so as to avoid issues of criminal cases or forgery against the candidate. The agencies then will shortlist some CV and send them to the employer for scheduling an interview. After the candidate clears the first interview round, the agency prepares them for other rounds of interviews so that a candidate can finally join a company. The salary and other formalities are directly diced with the employer, however if any negotiation and persuasion is required from the agencies side then the staffing agency can speak to the candidates.

Most of the reputed Recruitment Agencies in Melbourne are paid by the company for whom they are hiring. They do not charge from the candidates. They either charge on per candidate basis or on a fixed basis, therefore you as a candidate do not need to pay them for your job.

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