Recycling for Beginners

Recycling for Beginners

Over the last decade or so Australians have made a huge effort to lower their carbon footprint and have become waste conscious. Recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and recyclable items are converted into new products.  It often takes me by surprise when I come across someone that says that they do not recycle, as it is too hard. Yes, from the outside it may seem daunting, with all the organising and sorting but, it is much easier then expected. Coastal Waste Management and its recycling centre Perth aim to minimise the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. As a responsible waste management Perth company, Coastal Waste Management reduce and recycle wherever possible and in turn preserve the environment for the future.

Why should we recycle?

Protecting Natural Resources

Taking care of our environment has never been more important. With natural resources depleting, recycling eliminates the need for raw materials to be extracted, as used materials and waste can be broken down and used to make new items. It is important that material that can be recycled, do not end up in landfill and are taken to a waste management centre.  

Saving energy

Extracting natural resources and raw materials uses far more energy when compared to breaking down recyclable material in order to re – use.

Reducing landfill

The direct result of recycling is the reduction of the amount of rubbish that is send to landfill, along with reducing the emissions of gasses that are produced in landfill sites. Responsible waste management Perth companies such as Coastal Waste, implement business practices to best deal with residual non – recyclable waste.

What can we Recycle?

Metals such as Aluminium cans

Recycling Aluminium via a Perth recycling service, does not alter its quality and can be indefinitely recycled. Most commonly it is turned in to an aluminium can but sometimes can be used for car bodies and even tractor trailers.

Cardboard, paperboard, and office paper

Cardboard, paperboard, and printing paper sorted in waste management Perth companies can be turned in to different products such as paper bags, napkins, new printing paper or even shoe boxes.


Most common recyclable plastic can be turned in to carpet, back packs, sleeping bags and even insulation.


Bricks that are collected or dropped off at a recycling centre Perth can simply be crushed and used to make new bricks.

What is not recyclable?


As Styrofoam is made from a material that is not biodegradable.

Medical waste

Medical waste such as needles should be handled by companies that handle hazardous waste.

Flammable liquids

Liquids such as automotive oils, fuel and gas should never end up in a recycling bin or a recycling bin.

Ceramic dishes

Ceramic dishes have a higher melting point then glass or plastic as they are made to withstand heat. These will get turned away at any recycling centre Perth. Why not re – purpose these in your garden or even create art.

Why chose Coastal Waste?

Now that you have at least the beginners knowledge to start recycling, you should know that Coastal Waste are the industry leaders. As part of the ECO Resources Group, Coastal Waste abide by a zero-waste philosophy and are proactive in preserving our environment for future generations. They are driven to reduce the amount of waste taken to landfill and are constantly improving practices and procedures that will increase their productivity and efficiency.

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