Why You Need Duct Cleaning In Melbourne?

Why You Need Duct Cleaning In Melbourne?

When cleaning your home, something that you probably don’t give a second thought to is your duct cleaning. This task is actually quite important because dust and dirt constantly floats around throughout our home. When these build up in our ducts, they continue to be blown around, meaning you have more cleaning to do and it can affect those who suffer with dust allergies. Taking care of the dirt, dust, and debris as part of your duct cleaning routine, really just makes good housekeeping sense, but is it really important? Here are some more reasons why you need to take care of your duct cleaning in Melbourne.

The most common reasons why you need duct cleaning:

  1. Go with the flow: There are plenty of reasons why duct cleaning at your home or business is incredibly important. 5-7 times a day the air circulates through your building, and while you may not realise it, cleaning ducts will improve the air circulation throughout the building.
  2. Duct cleaning is healthier for you: When dust and other debris builds up, it not only makes it hard for fresh air to flow through, the air that does flow through contains this dust which can aggravate people with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions. There are other contaminates in your ducts including duct mites, mould spores, bacteria, dust, pollen, and more, which can cause a range of health problems for your family.
  3. Don’t fire up: As with many heated areas through your home, the build up of dust and lint may cause it to eventually catch on fire if it’s not cleared from your ducts.
  4. Look after your appliances: With less dust, lint and debris, your heating and cooling appliances will function better and are less likely to need repairs or further servicing.
  5. Slash your power bills: It’s amazing what can chew through your electricity. If your system is working harder to pump your hot or cold air because of what’s clogging up the ducts, you could end up paying 25-40% more on each of your bills.

How do you know if you need duct cleaning:

  • It’s difficult to see just how dirty your ducts are, as most people can’t get deep into the ducts. There are a few symptoms that you can keep an eye out for to know if you need your ducts cleaned.
  • If you have a lot of obvious dust or cobwebs in the opening area of your ducts, or you happen to notice dust particles blowing out every time you turn on your heating or cooling.
  • If you spot any mould inside or around the surface of your ducts, or rodent droppings and dead insects.
  • If you have also done any renovations or done work with fibreglass.
  • If you have recently moved into a new home or office building.
  • If you have done or noticed any of these things, you should definitely organise duct cleaning straight away. It’s also a good idea to have your ducts regularly cleaned.

These are just some of the most common reasons why you should organise duct cleaning and how to know if you need duct cleaning. Duct cleaning services can help a wide range of areas including domestic, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings; as well as cruise ships and navy vessels. Breathe easy and take care of your duct cleaning in Melbourne today.

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