The Best Shoe Repair Melbourne Restores Your Shoe As They Are Brand New

The Best Shoe Repair Melbourne Restores Your Shoe As They Are Brand New

It is embarrassing to wear shoes if they are looking stuffed or worn. However, the shoe restoration firm performs their work so proficiently that no one can believe that they are actually repaired. If you have also torn shoes which are your favourite or very comfortable and you want them for more time, you should approach the best shoe repair Melbourne. Definitely, this task requires expertise, but do not worry after coming here. Today, the shoe repair industry is almost collapsing; however, some expert companies do it very accurately. Generally, repairing shoes is a wonderful approach to save money, time and your favourite shoes for a long time.

Various types of services provided by the shoe Restoration Company

They repair and restore your shoes to the highest standard quality; your favourite shoes can be restored, even if they have extensive damage by wearing many years.

  • Replace heel tips during the time you wait
  • Restore damaged and cracked heel blocks
  • We repair buckles and elastics and replace straps with new straps on the front and back as well
  • For new shoes we add 1.8mm rubber protective soles added for long term durability and safe protective walking
  • Replace damaged shanks
  • Restore soles and insoles
  • Repair any kind of holes
  • Adjust size by modifying boot legs and along with a shoe


If you have a special pair of shoe which you like the most or gifted by someone special or special for any particular event needed to keep, the best shoe repair provides great protection and advice to maintain your special shoes or boots in a flawless condition, varying from waterproofing to safety soles, and great varieties of polishes.


Shoe recovering is an expert service, especially for your specific events, such as weddings, engagement parties, dance party, formals and so on. We recover any kind of model and style of shoe. Not just that, we recover your shoes with matching color of your dressing or your choice. We only require a bit of material, half a meter wide and at least 50cm long and we will do the rest. However, we can dye fabric shoe only if you give us white satin to start work

Staining and color matching

We can provide services to change the color of your shoe for that we dye and color them any one you want. We just need a sample of your choice. Further, We do touch-up and restore the original color of your shoe in a case they are looking roughed or worn out, but of course dyeing works best when we dye a light object to a darker color. One thing is also considered that dyeing needs at least a week for the best result even if you have an emergency we manage and co-operate you.

Why you should choose the Evans shoes restoration?
  • We have 50+ years experience in this field
  • We are providing services right in the heart of Melbourne CBD
  • We do not provide only shoe repairing services, but wide range of leather services as well
  • Our each job comes with three-month unconditional for your peace of mind
  • Customer communication is our first priority and our staff makes sure that each job is explained completely and prices are also fixed before making work ahead.

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