Right Way of Making Job Search in Finance

Right Way of Making Job Search in Finance

Got your bachelor’s degree in commerce. Now, you must be looking for your best financial jobs in the country of New Zealand.  Nowadays, both physical and digital of industry people and HR folks at brokerages, have hundreds of CV’s in their mailbox, who want amazing lifestyles. Since jobs in finance are mostly present in the city of Auckland, so finance professionals are mostly present in that city. Since, the economic climate currently is so bad, so many finance professionals are losing their jobs. During the time, when the stock market is booming, the job market for finance is also booming. The returns are also decreasing rapidly.

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After interacting with hundreds of Commerce graduates, some very interesting scenarios have emerged.

  • Since New Zealand has a small financial economy, so a Master of Business Administration or MBAs is not essential to acquire financejobs in West Coast, especially at the entry-level.
  • Students must go in for internships, which provide experience, full-time gig, and exposure.
  • For those students, who are eligible, they can utilize the diversity-oriented programs for example women recruitment, veterans, minorities, disabled and LGBTQI members.
  • Students, who are not interested in a finance-related field, can opt for some extra courses.
  • Finance students will be able to learn the basics, read literature, and financial publications.
  • Young financial managers must appear for financial industry credential exams like SIE or CFA.

Students Should Always opt for Internships.

To get the best jobs in finance, internships are essential in the final year, or between the college years.  Many universities in New Zealand offer work and study programs, in which students’ study for eight months a year and then work for the remaining four months.

Consequently, students are ready for a full-time job. The majority of internships in the field of finance are paid, though the amount might be less, in the beginning. All the top firms in the world like Australia New Zealand Bank, KPMG, Ernst & Young, give a valuable opportunity to youngsters, to acquire valuable experience.

For students, this is a much better option, than wasting time in restaurant jobs, or retail stores.  Alternatively, students can make PowerPoint presentations, for a local investment fellow.

The majority of internships feature lots of routine tasks. There will be many days where students, might just print routine docs, assembling presentation materials. But financial graduates also get a lot of references, learning experiences, networking opportunities, and also a sense of financial cooperation and atmosphere.

It is very important to do hundreds of internships, to make your task much easier and acquire lots of work experience and connections.  But students must choose internships efficiently. This means that they must not do five internships in stocks if they are not interested in stock trading. It is better to do internships in different sectors like banks, shares firms, insurance firms, etc.

The important thing to notice is that students must work hard at their internships so that they have a very good chance of being absorbed in the firm. if possible, interns must arrive before time and leave later than their bosses, to get their dream finance jobs in West Coast.

Students must focus on finance-Related Studies.

In the corporate world, many firms state that they don’t focus on the major of their studies, but students must remember, that there is no use applying for finance-related jobs, by studying history and art majors.  Students, who wish to have a dream financial career, must focus on some subjects specifically like economics, applied mathematics, business, etc.

Some additional subjects, which help students, are exciting concepts learned in physics and mathematics, which will give an excellent framework for following currency swaps, structured investment wraps, and derivatives trading.  Science and engineering knowledge is perhaps vital for becoming a fund manager, research analyst, and investment banker, which is used in upcoming industries like biotech, pharma, natural resources, energy, and communications.

This is an era of robe advisors and also digital stock exchanges. But arts majors needn’t feel depressed.  They can research, analyse, and synthesize information, and can also write very well in any language, as understood.

Always Keep Abreast of the Latest Financial News & Developments.

Always good students of finance must-read financial news and all the developments thoroughly. They should pick the subscription, which is world-class like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times. Top class periodicals like the Economist, or Bloomberg’s Business Week, contain lots of information and will increase your knowledge.

Students are entitled to discounted subscriptions and can pick up information by reading investment books, from the basic to advanced stuff, and guides, tutorials from financial websites.  This will make them very sound, by the time, they graduate.


Finance sector allows the least scope for any recession at the time of economic uncertainty. Thus, students choose this field without any keeping any doubt in their mind. Each business has its finance department and the need for finance candidates always exist in the market.

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