Riverdales After School Program, Extended Care, Fremont

Riverdales After School Program, Extended Care, Fremont

Research supports investments in well-constructed programs focused on subjects that are underemphasized in school, such as art, music, and hands-on activities. Research also supports an explicit focus on building social and behavioral skills; increased task persistence and self-control often translate into improved academic performance. Riverdales After School Program in Fremont, CA offers a great mix of – homework help, extra classes in Language Arts and Math, Piano, Dance, Chess, Art and Drawing, Public Speaking, Debate, Soccer, Basketball, Math Olympiad, GATE, Robotics, Science Experiments, and Chinese immersion program and Hindi Language classes.

Students spend about three-quarters of their waking hours outside school. For some, these hours include sports, music lessons, or other activities that promote learning; for others, however, much of this time is spent disconnected from constructive activities.

Riverdales After School program:

  1. Many Enrichment Activities: Provides enrichment activities that develop students’ academic and social skills. For students who lack adult supervision or learning opportunities after school, the program offers an environment that is safe and nurturing as well as educational.
  2. After School Program in Community: The program’s strength is in complementing rather than duplicating the school activities, and to knit families, schools, and community agencies together around student interests and needs.
  3. Program Management: The program provides for committed management, which sets clear goals, and structures aligned to meet those goals, policies that help low staff turnover, and recruits and trains staff to motivate and engage students.
  4. Social and Behavioral benefits: Students in Riverdales have shown improvements in work habits, task persistence, and social skills (such as the ability to refrain from aggressive behavior).
  5. Academic Performance: Students demonstrate significantly improved skills in Language Arts and Math.
  6. Program Structure: Sequenced activities to achieve skill objectives, active learning, and an explicit focus on personal or social skills. The program shows significant positive benefits in terms of student’s self-confidence, positive social behavior, and achievement test scores.

In addition to providing very good homework help, Riverdales After School provides extra academics, group tutoring, and classes in public speaking, Chess, Dance, Basketball, Soccer, Piano, Art and Drawing, Math Olympiad, GATE, Computer Programming, 3D Printing, Lego Robotics, and Hands on Science Experiments.

Riverdales is now registering students for next school year. Every year it also offers summer camp from 2nd week June to end of August, Rivedales Summer Camp.

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