What is RSC Corrugated Cardboard?

What is RSC Corrugated Cardboard?

The abbreviation of RSC is “regular slotted cartons” that generally used for shipping and storage. It has total four flaps two is for inside and two for outside. The outside flaps are known as closing flaps and sealed by tape or staples.

Corrugated Boxes:

Finding the best box is not an easy task because not anything can fit properly in the box wanted. For example, that you buy a triangle shaped showpiece and place into the rectangular box, it is not an easy job. To make a perfect box for that showpiece order can be placed to the suppliers.

Creative cargo delivery and transportation logistics storage warehouse industry business concept: group of stacked corrugated cardboard boxes on wooden shipping pallets isolated on white background

Creative cargo delivery and transportation logistics storage warehouse industry business concept: a group of stacked corrugated cardboard boxes on wooden shipping pallets isolated on white background

Custom Style Corrugated Cartons:

File Boxes

There are four types of file boxes available in the market.

Economy File Storage Box:

It is used for tough handling and to save the files from cluttering. These boxes are available in three different sizes in the market, but size can be changed according to the need.

Economy File Storage Box

Auto Lock File Storage Boxes:

These types of boxes are mostly used by the lawyer firms because they have many files to store and these file storage boxes have the labels to write on the front side. These boxes are coded with a thin protection layer, and it has a lid with wider folding to cover.

Auto Lock File Storage Boxes

Specialty Corrugated Boxes:

There are special boxes for special products if you have round and long products, long round boxes for packing are also available. There are flat boxes to store the flat products in it like frames and cloths.

Heavy Duty Multi-Box:

It has six layers of a wall for increase the strength and for the use of heavy-duty products like generators and for batteries. It is available in six sizes in the market, or you can place the order as per requirement. There is a variety of cartons which is used in different packaging.

Heavy Duty Multi-Box

Regular Slotted Container With Variable Flaps:

These are same as RSC, but the difference is that the one flap is one or two inches greater than to normal to overlap the other flap and it is sealed mostly with staples and use to protect a fragile product. The large flap is prevented from spreading the product while traveling

Custom Printed RSC Box:

You can get custom boxes wholesale by printing logos, brand name and different pictures on the box. It can also be used for gift packing you can also print the person’s picture on that box.

Custom Printed RSC Box

RSC box Wholesale:

You can buy these boxes at a wholesale rate from different providers in the United States and also you can customize the size and quality of the product.

Custom Finishes Corrugated Boxes:

This means the box cannot absorb the water and moisture from the environment because of the thin layer of waterproof solution apply to it after making the box. It cannot absorb the oil as well. That is why these boxes are mostly used in the oil industry.

Custom Finishes Corrugated Boxes

Custom Inserts:

It depends on all you need that which type of custom inserts you want. In general, companies use thermoplastic, extra sheets of corrugated, thin, and soft foam to protect the product. You can ask these setting by the provider, and they design your unique product and make partition as well in the RSC box.

Single Wall:

The walls are made of thin layer of paper with an extra layer in waving style between two cardboards. The numbers of layers increase the strength of the box. The C-flute or B-flute is the stock size for the cartons available in the market.


Double Wall:

This form has a double layer of waving paper between the cardboard. It increases the strength of the box. You can place 6 to 12 cartons, one of them for placing in the warehouse. It is available in the market in stock size that is ECT -51.

Packing Materials:

For packing the box, you need these things.

Packing Materials

  • Tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Crinkle
  • Labels
  • Stock size inserts
  • Shredded paper

These all things are provided by the shipping agent and pack the package by themselves.

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