Select The Perfect Balustrade Style for Your Home or Office

Select The Perfect Balustrade Style for Your Home or Office

Balustrade at Adelaide is also known as an architectural feature that is used in many places around you like homes, offices, shopping malls and almost everywhere. In simple words, they are termed as another form of railing and are mostly used to build staircases, porches, terraces and many more. Like other things, you will get many options for it in the market which might just confuse you and make your selection really difficult. This feature has now attained importance throughout the world due to its use in house building and interior decoration. It is not now since balustrade has been introduced; in fact the great Roman Empire too started building huge mansions and palaces with this and has been termed as the historical feature of the external and internal architectures.

Different Types for Selection

The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting one is the mode of security that it offers. You can always select the most fascinating one but make sure that it fulfills your needs and meets your expectations in terms of security. As stated above, you will get to see different kinds in the market like steel, wood, glass, wire and many more. If you wish you can also have a customized one with your wish of materials. The only thing that should be considered is that it should look good and presentable when used at different places.

  1. Steel Balustrade: Stainless steel balustrades are considered to be the strongest material and a durable one. This does not need any maintenance and looks stylish since it can be molded and fitted into any types of design. For beautifying your office or home, you can use this type of material. As stated above it is reliable and adds beauty to wherever it is being used at. You can find it in various shapes and designs in the market. If you wish you can select the one you wish or use a plain staircase or terrace railing if you wish to keep it simple.
  2. Glass Balustrade: This material today’s costs less compared to the other available in the market since metal and wood are expensive. When you wish to use glass materials for your project, then it wise that you first find out the legal requirements for this since there many other elements to be taken care of. All you need in this project is 10mm glass which should be rigid, strong and very resistant in nature. It should be built in such a way that it shouldn’t bend under any pressure when used in terraces and balconies. So whenever you wish to plan a design, make sure that you consider some important facts like structure, height and many more.
  3. Timber Balustrade: When it comes to selecting a suitable material for constructing balustrade then many homeowners go for timber. It is considered to be the perfect material for building one for your home. You will find that timber is extremely versatile and strong in nature. It also has the ability to attract people with its beauty that cannot be compared to other materials available. The height of a timber balustrade is three feet and can be fixed into a wall of about three inches inside. You will find that the length is the same as the length of the stairs. Once it is placed, the railing boards are then fixed tightly inside. A space of about 8 inches is being kept between them so that if you want any desired effect to be done then it can be possible.
  4. Iron Balustrade: You can use this type of material too since it gives your place an ancient and elegant look. It is so ancient that it speaks of the treasured family traditions and values used in the house. People living since 70’s and 80’s are using this material still. Iron balustrade is adaptable in nature and can be used with any other type of décor that you possess. This material has a long history since it is being used and the internet makes it simple for you to get this ancient piece online that you might be looking for. You will get this material in different designs like twist, knuckle, gothic and many other custom designs. They will not rust easily since they contain hidden abrading surfaces.

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