Situations When You Need A Lawyer That Might Surprise You

Situations When You Need A Lawyer That Might Surprise You

Laws are very complex and we all need the services of a lawyer at some time in our lives, such as divorce, property sale, making a will and many other services. When in Thailand, you must adhere to Thai laws at all times and with that in mind, here are a few situations when you might need to enlist the services of an English-speaking lawyer.

Defamation Of Character

In the event you say something defamatory on social media, the affected party could file a lawsuit against you, looking for compensation. There was a case not so long ago when a tourist complained on a travel review site about accommodation; they left a bad review and the resort owner filed a lawsuit. The customer was actually arrested. This means you should be very careful when making comments on the Internet, especially when saying negative things about another person or a business. The laws in Thailand are not the same as in Europe, so you should be careful making online comments about Thai businesses, as this could lead to your arrest.

Unhappy Customer

Whatever your type of business, if the customer is unhappy and you are not able to resolve the issue, they have the right to seek compensation by filing a lawsuit with the relevant authorities. Prior to doing anything, consult with top law firm in Bangkok or one near you, who have a team of English-speaking litigation lawyers, and follow their professional advice.

Lending Money

People often lend money to friends and despite frequent reminders, the issue is ignored and as a last resort, the lender can file a lawsuit to claim repayment of the loan. If you are owed a considerable amount of money and you feel that the person does have the money to repay the debt, you can contact an English-speaking lawyer in Bangkok about taking legal action to recover the debt. Once you do this, the other party is likely to wish to settle before the case gets to the court.

Contractual Conflicts

They can and do happen and whether you or the other party is unhappy, it needs to be resolved. Most contractual issues are resolved without the need for legal action. Even when litigation begins, the case is normally sorted out before going to court. If one party has costs incurred because of the issue, they will naturally seek compensation.

Preparing Business Contracts

When you are preparing a contract that you will sign with a 3rd party, it is important to make sure the wording is correct and there are no hidden clauses that you might not understand. Ask an experienced business lawyer, and they will be happy to provide this service.

Setting Up A Company


Setting Up A Company


If you have decided to stay in Thailand and you wish to register your business, you will need the help of an English-speaking lawyer who can prepare and submit the forms to the BOI Thailand.

The above are just some of the scenarios when you would need to consult with a lawyer and a search on the Internet is all it takes to find an English-speaking lawyer here in Thailand.

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