How To Nail Your Roof Restoration Project

How To Nail Your Roof Restoration Project

Anyone turning to the internet for advice on successfully completing their roof restoration project in Melbourne will be overwhelmed with articles, blogs, websites and forums offering advice and tips. It’s going to be impossible to wade through all of this information, so here are the key points that you should be taking away.

Firstly, there is resounding agreement that unless you are a professional, trying to DIY your roof restoration job is going to end up costing you more, as well as being frustrating, time consuming, and downright pointless. This point is concurred upon by professionals and handymen alike. The professionals complain that they are often called in to patch up other people’s work and have to start from scratch, ripping out and relaying due to shoddy workmanship. The handymen who have tried and failed also don’t recommend it, after have bad experiences with leaks and failing compliance inspections. Leave it to those who know what they’re doing. If anything goes wrong after that, it should be covered by insurance and is not your burden to bear.

The next point of agreement is that colour choice is considerably underrated. Your roof is such a large area, that just one shade too light or dark can throw off the appeal of your entire home. While many people appreciate that it’s a big decision, so many people still get it wrong. It hardly helps that colour swatches are no bigger than the size of your hand, and you’re trying to apply this to a whole roof. Experts suggest painting a larger swatch to get a better idea. Not only do your see the paint in real life rather than on paper, you also see how it looks on top of the existing colour. Better yet, you see how it complements the other tones, from brick to concrete, as well as looking good against the surrounding greenery and sky.

Finally, the choice of company is oh so important. While roofs might not be incredibly interesting to you and me, the reality is that the difference between a well-executed roof and a poorly done one is obvious even to the untrained eye. An experienced team will be able to offer advice on colour, improvements and processes to deliver the best result. Unprofessional tradespeople could cause any number of hassles, from leaking roofs to tiles that lift and crack. There’s plenty of advice on forums about who to trust and who to avoid.

Do your research, get some feedback from your friends and family, and ask potential candidates for portfolios or images of previous work. That way you can judge for yourself. Choose a team that has previously worked on homes like yours. If you’ve got a Tudor for example, this is quite a challenging roof style and could prove too tricky for a company inexperienced with other Tudors. Rely on the experienced and reputable team at Coghlan Roofing for all your roof restoration planning in Melbourne

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