Steps To Pack Electronic Items for Your Upcoming Move

Steps To Pack Electronic Items for Your Upcoming Move

Household electronic items are very useful for every house. They are the most fragile when you want to move with them and if not moved properly then they can definitely get damaged.

It is not easy to move these electronic appliances on your own, it is always better to hire packers and movers to help you out with their professional ways. But if you want to move them on your own then it is possible to fix it if you follow the right instructions and packing techniques.

• Read the product manual carefully

The product manual that comes with each appliance tells you how to use, assemble and disassemble them. It also tells you about the things that you need to avoid in order protecting your appliance from any kind of damage.

If you don’t have the manual with you then you can order it online or get it from an electronics store. It is one of the things that are easily available.

• Packing Boxes play an important role

If you have the original boxes in which your appliance must have come and are in good condition then you can pack it in them. Otherwise, you will have to purchase some good quality boxes as per the size of your appliances to protect them from any kind of damage. Boxes play a very important role when it comes to packing and moving things as they are going to protect them from inside while lifting, loading, transporting and unloading.

Make sure the boxes are durable enough, they don’t have any broken flaps and the bottom is strong enough. If you are buying new boxes then buy the ones that have cushion on the sides to protect them from moving around inside.

• Arrange for packing material

You will require some packing material for protecting your appliances from any kind of damage during the transit.

• Bubble wrap

• Packing sheets

• Packing blankets

• Some T-corners, and

• Packing tape

Make sure the packing material you buy should be of good quality because they protect your valuables from getting damaged. If you buy cheap packing material then your appliances can get damaged and you will have to pay a lot more while purchasing a new appliance than what you must have saved while purchase packing material. Make sure the tape you buy should be strong enough to protect the boxes from getting opened during the transit.

• Disconnect the appliances

It very important to disconnect the appliances like refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, mixers etc, at least 2 hours before packing them. Remove their plugs as these appliances heat up when they are in use and it is highly risky to pack them when they are heated up. These appliances come in contact with plastic, cardboard and cloth at the time of packing so it is important that they are at room temperature before they are covered with anything.

Many appliances have different types of cords, it is important to pack and label them securely. Put different tags on the colored cords and label the appliance that each cord goes with.

• Remove batteries

Don’t forget to remove the batteries and keep them safely with you. Have you ever seen a battery that corroded and leaked acid inside the appliance? It can happen at the time of moving as well so it is important to remove them before packing.

If you have a printer to move then remove the ink cartridge to avoid printer malfunctions.

• During the transit

It is important that the moving vehicle has floor plants to provide a uniform base to your appliances and there isn’t any chance of any movement and bumping.

Time to reinstall your electronics

Packing and moving electronics is a battle for sure but reinstalling them is also no less than that.

• Be careful while unpacking

If you have made any inventory then check if all the appliances have reached your new place. Unpack the boxes in the rooms where they are supposed to be installed and arrange for all the material that you need to unpack them like scissors, screws etc.

• Unpack one electronic item at a time so that you don’t get puzzled when you see so many wires and cables of different appliances.

• Only unpack the cable that is associated with that device

• Make sure you have the product manual so that you can read it if you face any difficulty in installing

• Once you set everything then just turn on the switch and check if they are working properly and there hasn’t been any mechanical fault while transporting

• Before throwing the packing material, check each and every paper if there is any small screw or anything which is left to be unpacked.

You can do everything by yourself if you do it as per the instructions but still it is difficult to manage everything on your own with the risk of damage. It is viable to hire movers and packers as they are professionally trained and know how to pack items technically.

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