How to Take Care of an Axolotl Properly

How to Take Care of an Axolotl Properly

Axolotl is a very unique kind of aquatic salamander mainly found in Mexico. These are amphibians and originated from Lake Xochimilco. As they are extremely aquatic so no one can see them in lands. As they are aquatic they consist of gills for respiration underwater and they never show complete metamorphosis during their adulthood. Due to some certain climate changes and heavy pollution, this peculiar species turns into an endangered species.

The axolotl also is known as Mexican walking fish, consisting of the tadpole-like body with external gills which directed outwards from their head region. The color of their skin also may vary like brown, black, grey, white, or albino, etc. Due to low maintenance care and that kind of unusual look, they are pretty attractive to people and people give the interest to make them a pet.

Key Factors for Axolotls

  • Axolotls can regenerate their lost limbs.
  • Like other salamanders, Axolotls cannot develop projected eyes or eyelids.
  • They have headdresses like gills branch from their head.
  • These are now endangered species.

Size and Lifespan of Axolotl

The average size of adult Axolotl measures about 10 inches to 12 inches. They are sexually mature when they are 18 to 24 months old. They also can grow larger with time. Axolotls usually live about 10 years, but some of them can live much more than average lifespan.

Housing of Axolotl

It’s better to prefer a 20-gallon tank for the housing of your adult pet. If you have bought a baby axolotl then a 10-gallon tank will be enough. But, transfer your pet into the larger terrarium as it starts to grow. The Axolotls produce a significant amount of fecal matters so choosing a larger tank will be a good opinion but it depends on how much effort you have to give during cleaning.

Your axolotl will be inside the water tank for its whole life, hence you do not need to create a special land area in your tank. Providing a sufficient amount of clean water by installing a filter will be favorable for your pet. Hence, make sure that the aquarium is filled to its full capacity. Additionally, invest in a hood or lid on the top of the aquarium. It Is because the axolotls are prone to jump high and may escape the tank. The hood will prevent that incident. On top of that, a hood comes very handily for installing a fan in the tank.  It will allow your pet comfort in summer. You can also add small plants, caves, sand in your tank.

Special Substrates in Aquarium

Axolotls can swallow anything, so u have u choose larger pebbles so they can swallow it. And, the pebbles also look quite beautiful and clean the water. Bit never uses any chemical substrates which can harm your pet. Read proper instructions before applying any substrates before using it in your aquarium.

Temperature maintenance

For axolotl care, you must have to maintain a favorable temperature in your aquarium. They cannot tolerate temperatures above 74 degrees F and may die due to overstressing. The optimal temperature is low to mid-60s and is perfect for your pet. Make sure to install a fan to keep the temperature bearable for your pet in the summer.


Decorating your tank with aquarium light can be a blast. But it’s not just for your benefit! Your fish will love some fresh decorations like plants, too. But be aware that this light cannot harm your pet by increasing temperature. These animals are very curious so it may be entertainment for them.


You can attach a filter for cleaning the water of your aquarium and also must change the water it turns so unhealthy for your pet. It’s better to let the water cycle run properly so some bacteria may arise in this water and your pet finds this aquarium as its new lovely home.

Axolotl Food

Providing proper food for you per is also an important part of your axolotl care. You can use bloodworm cubes, cooked frozen shrimp, lean chicken or beef and pinkie mouse, etc.

But those creatures have a risk of catching diseases and parasites, you have cared about that and never give food to them which may be harmful to their health.

Proper Handling

It’s better not to hold axolotls directly. because they are covered by protective smile glands that will harm your skin and also due to their cartilaginous body you have to be more careful because they can get hurt easily. You can use a thin mesh net while you handle this kind of creature.

Different Morphs Present in Axolotls

There are different morphs occur in axolotls like a combination of black or brown with dark eyes, vivid red gills with the pinkish body, red eyes with a white body and many of them contain Green fluorescent Protein, etc

Axolotls are very peculiar pets that give more attention to your guests. For these animals, you can provide direct care with proper love and nutrition. They are very attractive and you will feel happy watching their antics.

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