Templates For SMS Marketing

Templates For SMS Marketing

Systematic communication with customers with the support of SMS or notifications Atompark is quite fundamental for the formation of the business. It can help to do the following tasks:

  • Set up a website registration. If you want only real people to sign up for an account on your firm’s website, make sure you require a phone number to sign up and send a confirmation code in the transactional SMS.
  • Organize the purchasing process. For this, you can still use transactional text messages. Include there the details of your order: its number, estimated time of delivery, tracking number of the parcel, etc.
  • Make the service more focused on the buyer. For example, beauty salons have all chances to send reminders to people, so they do not forget that they have booked some procedures.
  • Increase sales and subtract customers. Promotional SMS messages notifying people about sales and other profitable services have a chance to be sent to both likely buyers and old customers.

Do you wish to use SMS for business, but do not understand how to compose their text? Read on and see the examples of business SMS, which we have prepared for all sorts of areas. Do not hesitate to use them as references for your text notifications.

SMS templates for electric commerce

Both transactional and marketing text messages are relevant here. These are periodically needed to prove registration and send order details. Apart from that, promotional mobile messages are used to increase sales. It is possible to send them to both warm and cool audiences. In case you chose option 2, use a lead scraper to extract the phone numbers. We have prepared some examples for you. In consequence, do not hesitate to use any sample SMS for marketing or government notices from this list as a reference for your text message:

30986 Use this code to prove registration at website.com. Enjoy your shopping experience, %Name%!
%Name%, thank you for your request #65477. This is being processed. Shipment: next day. Delivery time: up to 3 days.
%Name%, get ready for winter and stay warm! Use promo code GHT321 to get 15% off jerseys at website.com

SMS for banking, money management, and accounting

Transactional messages are mostly used in this area. As a rule they are sent mechanically. So, you just have to set up the process once and your users will receive the SMS at the right time without any effort on your part. Examples of SMS reminders for payments, proof of transactions, and notifications for banking, economics, and accounting:

%Name%, your gas bill is integrated. $77.95, payment due by Oct. 5.
567976 Enter this code to prove payment of $55 USA from card 4519***
Your $5 USA payment to Mcdonald’s was safely processed at 2:15 pm on 12/09/20

SMS templates for consolation

Marketing SMS messages are used more often in this area. They are sent to tell you about upcoming events, provide bonuses, thank customers, or ask them to forget a review. Here are examples of SMS to advertise and keep in touch with a motivated audience for the leisure industry:

Hi, %Name%! Don’t forget about the Students’ Day party on Nov. 17, which starts at 10 p.m. Purchase your ticket in advance for only $10.
Dear %Name%! Thank you for actually attending the party. Please leave a personal review at website.com.
%Name%, 2 tickets are reserved for the Christmas party. Please find out your own account to load them.

Medical Staff Text Templates

Take care of the sick by sending them reminders and some lucrative offers. Here are some free SMS templates for the medical field:

Hi, %Name%! You’ve been safely completed an all-encompassing wellness test at Doctor Jackson’s outpatient clinic. I will see you on Saturday, November 14, at 10:30 a.m.
Much respected %Name%! Don’t forget about the dental appointment the next day at 11 am at DentaHealth
Hi, %Name%! Take advantage of the chance to find out your wellness at 30% off from 1/10/20 through 15/10/20 only. Sign up for medical consultations at website.com

SMS Templates for Donation and Fundraising

Get more people to support you with psychological SMS messages. For the best impact, plug-in statistics with certain numbers, so that people are aware of the importance of this issue. In fact, it is not recommended to apply ready-made templates in this area. Any text message should be original, depending on a particular option.

Real Estate Text Notification Templates

Sending a text message will certainly help you stand out amongst the competition by maintaining an association with buyers. Check out some real estate SMS templates for businesses:

%Name%, for you like %Name_of_object% on our website. Would you like to see it in real life? Contact me: %Name%
Hello, %Name%, are you still trying to sell your house? We can certainly help you arrange it faster! Calling %Name%.
Dear %Name%, To get detailed information about properties in your preferred area, go to website.com

Believing SMS templates

Some will say that this area doesn’t need advertising. Still, you need to get to know your church members. They will appreciate it if they get reminders from the church about significant events or other valuable information. Here are a few examples:

%Name%, we are expecting you at Sunday sermon, 11/10/20, 10 am
Much respected %Name%, join the sermon online by taking a look at the live broadcast at website.com
%Name%, don’t be left alone on the eve of Christmas! Join us at church at 7 p.m.

SMS templates for beauty salons and spas

Here are some templates for reminders, marketing notices, and SMS messages with negotiable messages for the beauty industry:

%Name%, nail expert Jessica waiting for you the next day at 4:30 pm at BeautyClub
Hi, %Name%! Are you ready for summer? Get a wonderful pedicure at 20% off. To sign up for the feature, go to website.com
Dear %Name%! Thank you for actually using the tanning salon at BeautyHarbor. We would appreciate a reverse association from you at website.com

Examples of words for restaurants

In real-time, there are a large number of social eating establishments. And almost all people don’t stop at one of them. Finally, in order to turn a one-time guest into an unchanging one, it is not only enough to own a variety of rations with sweet delicacies. It is quite fundamental to maintain an association with a motivated audience and give them a profitable offer.

Text message templates for recruiting retail customers

If you don’t want the motivated public to remember your brand, send them detailed information about your sales, discounts, and other services. Here are some examples of how to write text messages to recruit customers:

%Name%, show it to the SMS consultant and get a discount of -10% on any jacket you like
Hi, %Name%! Buy 2 pairs of shoes and get the 3rd one free! Only from 14/10/20 to 30/10/20
Hi, %Name%! The fall sale promotion has started! Hurry to buy products at 70% off until 15/10/20.

Educational text message templates

All educational institutions are required to maintain an association with several groups of people: students, their caregivers, and educators. Here are examples of SMS messages sent to these all sorts of sections:

Dear %Name%, don’t forget about the literary competition to be held on 30/10/20 at 3 pm in classroom 321. We look forward to your masterpiece!
Reminder to %Name%: staff collection will take place at 2 pm on 24/10/20. All teachers are required to attend!
Have a good evening, %Name%! Find out your offspring’s marks here: website.com

Text messages for political campaigns

Keep your supporters’ attention throughout the campaign so you can stay close to them and not be pushed out by your opponents. You can use any SMS sample from the list as a link for your text message:

Dear %Name%, I will be happy to see you at the %Assessment% forum on 12/10/20 at %Place% from 10 am-2 pm. Come and share your own ideas!
%Name%, don’t forget to vote tomorrow! Look for the near pole on the list: website.com
Thank you for your help, %Name%! Without you, my triumph would be impossible

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