The Anatomy Of Making Eyeshadow Packaging Luxurious & Glamorous

The Anatomy Of Making Eyeshadow Packaging Luxurious & Glamorous

There is no doubt in the fact that the cosmetic industry is one of the largest industries of all time as it has the maximum customers in one way or the other. Also, eyeshadows make maximum income among all of the cosmetics because of the color variety available.  Surely, every woman out there buys eyeshadows of different types, colors, and shades to keep up with the fashion and make-up trends.

But did you know that women buy cosmetics after having a look at their packaging?

Well, if you did not know yes, they do. Therefore, every packaging company accessible in the market brings you a variety of interesting and artistic boxes for eyeshadows. Also, custom eyeshadow packaging protects the eyeshadows from breakage and damage of all kinds. 

Custom Eyeshadow Packaging

Using the right material:

Well, a hard and resilient material will keep the eyeshadows safe and protected. Thus, you surely have to select a durable material for the eyeshadow packaging. Now, the market offers you card-stock, eco-Kraft and cardboard materials for the making of custom eyeshadow packaging. You get to choose the material you require and the designing you prefer.

Firstly, card-stock and Kraft are firm and sturdy materials as they keep the product protected for a longer time and are reasonable enough to buy. Also, both are conceivable in variable thicknesses but the ideal width for making these boxes is 14pt. Also, one major difference in these materials is that Kraft is available in khaki color and it is biodegradable but card-stock is not.

Secondly, cardboard material is made up of flutes of paper stock and card stock which is why it is strong and sturdy. Moreover, it keeps the eyeshadows safe and sound.

Furthermore, custom eyeshadow packaging can be of different styles as per your choice. For instance, display boxes, tuck-end boxes, hexagon boxes, hanger boxes, pillow boxes, and gift boxes are appropriate for placing eyeshadows.

Opting for prominent styles and designs:

Besides, the purpose of modifying a box is to appeal to more customers and increase the sales of your eye shadows. Therefore, coatings and printing methods are available to do the job.

Coatings like gloss and matte are obtainable. The gloss coating leaves glamorous boxes full of shine and luster. Surely, customers love to buy shiny and alluring boxes. Although, the matte coating is a bit different as it covers the boxes with lusterless and dim polish. This option is suitable for consumers that are seeking mesmerizing dark boxes.

eye shadow boxes

Moreover, printing techniques are suitable for adding to the radiance and vibrancy of your boxes. Digital printing is a common and affordable method for serving basic printing requirements. Although offset printing is a bit costly and it makes the boxes look wonderful because of the high-quality rollers used for spreading the ink. Well, if you want to save some money you can print all the boxes at once so less ink is used and less money is spent.

Use Add-ons and get nice-looking petite boxes:

Furthermore, the purpose of Add-ons is to cater to the advertisement needs of your boxes. They help in increasing the luminosity and visibility of your custom eyeshadow packaging.

Spot UV, embossing, debossing and window cutting are conceivable. You can select any Add-on according to your needs and wants.

Keeping up with the company:

Above all, keeping in touch with packaging companies is so important to maintain a healthy bond. Thus, they have a 24/7 available hotline to answer your questions and solve your queries.  Also, you can visit their website to understand their terms and conditions.


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