Here’s The Ultimate List For All The Shipping Container Accessories You Need to Own!

Here’s The Ultimate List For All The Shipping Container Accessories You Need to Own!

Shipping containers are basically much bigger and a ‘Gulliver’ version of your regular plastic and steel containers that you may be using around the kitchen. They are humongous in size, and have myriad functionality. They have been in existence and use since decades. Though earlier, they used to be actually shipped around more, hence the name. Today, some of these are still used for shipping goods across seas and continents, but the talented shipping container has found quite a number of different uses for itself. Containerhireauckland Containers are Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality, Australian made Shipping Containers For Sale or hire. Nationwide Delivery.

Do you want to know what these varied uses are? Well, you could go around and we bet you shall see everything from roadside restaurants to efficient storage units to mobile houses to ablution units to even interesting shipping container swimming pools. So, basically you can build anything and everything using these miraculous ‘Lego-like’ blocks, as they easily fit into and on top of each other. So, though the obvious uses are transportation and storage, you could choose an appropriate sized and type of container for whatever purpose you are planning to use it for. And no, they haven’t been neglecting the purpose they were born with and still continue to safely and securely transport cargo all over the world. This makes it all the more necessary that you bring this versatile, multi-tasking of a container home, and make sure to go for a trusted service that offers container hire in Auckland, Hardcase Containers Hire Ltd. is one of the most reputed and efficient container rental services. They make sure to deliver the best of quality containers at the best of prices using the best of transport services.

An A-Z guide on what are the most essential accessories for your shipping container

Now, imagine the situation, you have finally bought or hired the specific type and size of a shipping container, depending on what your requirement is. You have chosen one of the most well-known services who even offer a truck and hiab hire for the transportation. It’s delivered to you in the perfect condition. Now, what next? Yes, the next part is to make sure that your container comes with the following handy yet affordable accessories. These accessories play a crucial role in improving the total functionality as well as the aesthetics of the container.


If you are considering transforming your shipping container into an on-site office or working space, then it’s a must that you install whirlybirds on the ceiling. This will ensure proper ventilation and keep the container cool and airy.


When you are regular engaged in the loading and unloading of goods into your shipping containers, ramps are a Godsend. They make the job so much easier and also make it impossible for certain goods to be loaded into the container without it. These also make for smoother entrances shipping container offices.

Security lock box

This is basically a super strong steel housing which covers the padlock or the lock which hangs on your shipping container doors. This will protect you from trespassers trying to tamper with the padlock and provide enhanced security for your precious cargo.

Heavy duty shelving

Fitting shelving inside your container can be a real space saver, and a perfect storage solution. This is all the more helpful when the container is used as a home office, an on-site office, business workshop, pop up stores etc.

Power outlets

If you are planning to use the container for anything but transport or storage, chances are you will be needing electricity. So, have your contained wired up, and install power sockets and outlets so that it’s ready to be plugged in when in need.

Container insulation

You definitely need to insulate your container if you want to keep an even, comfortable temperature inside as well as prevent any moisture build up due to condensation.


And finally, though shipping containers come with heavy-duty, waterproof wooden flooring, you might want to dress it up a bit. For that, you could go for vinyl flooring or even carpet/tiles, as and how you like it.

So, these are some of the most crucial accessories that you need to own, along with a shipping container. So, the ownership of the container doesn’t come alone, and you should make sure that you have the budget for all of it. Because, some (read most) of these accessories are quite the essentials.

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