The Ultimate Guide to the Best Fried Chicken

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Fried Chicken

Our love for fried chicken is never ending. Everyone will agree that the best thing about fried chicken is that they are juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Best Fried Chicken in Melbourne is increasingly becoming popular, the love for this tasty snack has grown in the people since more and more than chicken shacks are opening up. Here you may find various styles in which a fried chicken is prepared like Korean, southern-American, Korean, or simply Japanese style.

Why we are obsessed with these hot chickens

A fried chicken can be made from different parts of a chicken breast, wings, and other pieces which are marinated and spiced with paprika and cayenne pepper for some time. A perfect fried chicken in Melbourne which includes the dark meat and wings are marinade together to bring the juiciness in the meat then they are deep fried to bring that crunchiness that we all love. However, all the deliciousness comes from the post fry dunking in a mixture of five herbs. The dry spice is then dusted off and your favorite snack is ready to serve you. You may prefer a dip of sweet and hot sauce along with it or simply a chilled beer and some French fries will satisfy your food love. The story of waffles and fried chicken go a long way back they are the traditional choice and this comb is the most recommended at any joint that you visit. There are some classic joints in Melbourne area where you will find these snacks competing with each other for the title of Best Fried Chicken in Melbourne.

This southern staple has become the world favorite snack, whether you plan to enjoy this alone snack at a bar or enjoy with your family and friends after work, this remains and will be the best crunchy snack of all time.

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