Tips for choosing a perfect wedding flower

Tips for choosing a perfect wedding flower

Flowers are the inseparable part of any function and especially the Wedding, without a fresh and vibrant bunch of flowers is just like a heart without a soul. One thing which is prominent in the wedding flowers is the technique to choose the perfect wedding flowers, As the flowers are so delicate, numerous things are needed to keep in mind.


Here are amazing tips for choosing perfect wedding flowers:

1. A definite budget for flowers!

This is an important aspect which applies to everything. Before just going out and buying a plethora of flowers, decide a budget first.   You don’t have to apply rocket science to calculate a budget, just do it quickly. If the wedding venue is outdoor, then you probably need more flowers as compared to an indoor venue. In this case, find the good florist from local search who offers cheap wholesale wedding flowers but have a double check on the quality and freshness of flowers. Of course, you don’t want your flowers to look faded.

2. Types of flowers to choose from:

What kind of flowers you are picking for the wedding venue matters a lot when the time and freshness of flowers are concerned. If your event is at some indoor space, then you can choose delicate flowers like lily, orchids, this is because these kinds of flowers fade quickly in direct sunlight.

For the outdoor venue, choose flowers like sunflowers, roses, these kinds of flowers do not require much water, and they can stay fresh for a longer time in direct sunlight. You can try mix-match colour combinations of flowers; it will look attractive and more vibrant.

3. Choose flowers according to your wedding theme:

What kind of wedding theme are you going to have? What will be the primary colours for that day? You must have an idea about these things before ordering flowers in bulk. Once you are done with the wedding theme, dress code, primary colours, you can choose the flowers easily.

Suppose, if the primary wedding colours are white and red, for this you can choose beautiful while lilies and royal red roses and other flowers of similar colours to match the wedding vibes. You can also ask the florist for flower suggestions as they have good experience in decoration.

4. Prefer a florist near to the wedding venue:

Always prefer a florist who is located near to the wedding venue. The reasons for this are many. First, in case if you need more flowers, then you are just one call away from the florist, and he will arrange it for you. Another reason for this is that the flowers are delicate and extremely fresh, so it’s better to get it delivered to the venue quickly rather than waiting long for the florist to do the delivery. So it’s a good wedding hack to order flowers from your nearest florist.


5. Make a list for types of flowers:

It’s a good idea to make a list of all kind of flowers you would need for the wedding and other functions. As you know the flowers are meant just for the decoration purpose, you will need flowers for preparing flower wreath, for decorating the dining table, for gifting purpose and so on.

That’s why always go with a list of all kind of wedding flowers you would need. And you can always order some extra flowers in case you need a few more. Just prepare the list, and the florist will handle the rest.

6. Flower wrapping and other accessories:

To complement beautiful flowers, you also need accessories with it. Don’t forget to bring decorative wrappers and craft vase to make your flowers look more beautiful. You will find cheap and beautiful vases and wrapping papers at local markets. For decoration purpose, you can also try some flowers made up from silk. These kinds of colourful flowers will look attractive at the venue.

It is not possible to decorate the whole place with real flowers; it’s a good deal to get some silk flowers. You can also try keeping some real flowers, and silk flower in the same vase, this type of contrast will bring a new look and decoration.

7. Buy Smart and Be a Hero!

There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket and expensive flowers for the wedding venue. The alternative is to ask your florist to show some beautiful looking and reasonable flowers for the decoration. Remember, expensive flowers will not make the wedding day special, it’s the people who will make it.

Do some research before buying flowers, ask your designer friend which some of the most beautiful flowers at affordable rates are. Just by doing some ground level research, you will almost save 40% money in the flower decoration. Nice idea, Right?

8. What is your favourite flower?

Which flower holds your special memories? Which was the first flower you gave to your life partner? Think about these little things and make your theme accordingly. This will not only make both of you happy but also remind you both your love story.

Flowers are important, Indeed! But what is more important than the flowers are you and your life partner, choose your favourite flowers and make your wedding day special and beautiful. Indulge some romance in flower decoration.

These were some of the most important and quick tips to choose the perfect wedding flowers without any hassle. Every flower is beautiful in its own way and holds the utmost importance in itself. If you are looking an affordable and best florist for your wedding decorations, you must check out Prospect Flowers.

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