Tips for Curtain Wall Maintenance

Tips for Curtain Wall Maintenance

The Curtain wall is an exterior of the building in which the outer walls are non-structured. Aesthetic and functional decay could happen due to improper maintenance and care. Lack of maintenance can surely degrade the market value of your property.

Proactive and regular maintenance is needed to retain its aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Read us till the end to learn a few useful tips for curtain wall maintenance. So, without any further ado let’s get started-

A proper maintenance plan consists of the following-

  • Routine Inspection
  • Regular cleaning
  • Instant repair in case of slight defects
  • Most importantly, written records of maintenance

ARS curtain wall repair service can help in preserving the value of your building, its aesthetic appeal and maximise its service life.

Design a Maintenance program

It is aptly stated, “Planning is the prelude to any successful action.” Regular cleaning and maintenance are imperative for ensuring the longevity of performance as well as the functional value of the property.

However, prolong exposure could dull its appearance which in turn could result in decay. Avoid using harmful or corrosive cleaning materials. Yes, save your building from irreversible damage.

Hiring Curtain Wall Specialists

If you are not contented with the maintenance report, consider hiring a curtain wall repair specialists at ARS. The professional experts will detect the fault immediately and will suggest a remedial measure to fix the complications quickly and provide easy-going maintenance solutions.

Like we suggested above, all maintenance record of the property needs to be organised in an up-to-date and systematic manner. Pondering what’s the use of keeping a track record of maintenance?

This will assist your curtain walling repairs team to take the necessary action.

Periodical Inspection

  • Make sure that under the warranty tenure, the supplier shall check and figure out whether the unseen dangers are discarded timely.
  • Check for local damage or scratching. Check whether the replacement is being done promptly in case of damage.
  • Routine cleaning with a window cleaner.
  • Check the gaskets have not torn.
  • Watchfully check all gaskets for damage, compression, distortion and shrinkage.
  • Also, check whether the sealants are applied to all gaskets, joints, and fixing screw hands.

Maintenance Planning

Setting up a maintenance plan for facade upkeep is a great way to budget for ultimate replacement and reconstruction of components. Detailed maintenance planning consists of inspections, set priorities and to detect slightest defects before heading onto the fully compromised systems, improving the serviceability and lifespan of the building as a whole.

The facade maintenance plan should be designed in to reduce deterioration because decay in one building system can have a severe effect on another building system as well.

Workable and actual maintenance planning can help avoid unnecessary repairs by determining the underlying root cause of the problem.

A great building management system means maintaining facade in a budget. It is a structured way of looking at complications of the facade system and setting a feasible maintenance program thereof.

Hope it has been an informative read

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