How To Maintain Your Indoor Plants?

How To Maintain Your Indoor Plants?

Indoor plants are a great way to decorate your home and reduce air pollution. They also help in keeping the office or home environment clean by purifying the air and contributing to improvement in health and focus. Considering the benefits it is important to have indoor plants planted in office premises. While indoor plants can stay alive even under moderate light conditions and water, there are certain measures that you need to take in order to maintain them.

Provide regular water

If your soil is not kept moist or watered then it can cause damage to plant roots and inhibits its growth. In some of the cases, excess water can also damage indoor plant. Plants with thick leaves or lush plants require more water than the plants with leathery leaves or wax. It is important to see if the plant is watered at the bottom of the container. Sometimes water does not seep into the bottom and result into dryness or dampness in soil. It is important to see the signs of dehydration such as dried leaves or change in soil color. While putting water, make sure to use room temperature water.

Place the plant under sunlight area

Sunlight is an important process by which plants prepare their food. Sunlight quality, intensity and duration impact a plant’s growth. If you aren’t able to get plants under direct sunlight then you must change the indoor plants type. Make sure that you give flowering plants around 12-16 hours of light in a day.

Don’t move indoor plants a lot

Plants usually acclimatize in particular surroundings slowly so in such cases, it is important to ensure that you don’t move indoor plants often. Also if the plants are not getting the desired humidity then you can purchase an artificial humidifier, which can keep the air moist thereby maintaining required level of humidity.

Fill balanced fertilizer

Most of the plants require balanced amount of fertilizer. It is important to ensure that you buy good quality indoor plants that have sufficient fertilizers within it. You can always opt for Indoor plant hire Melbourne that are best in quality and have been fed with all the nutrients and fertilizers. Such fertilizers should be high in potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen so that it can flower and grow more.

Prune your plants regularly

Some of the plants need to be pruned at regular intervals. It is important that you prune your plants so that they can grow properly and does not outgrow the vase or pot in which it is kept. Regular pruning keeps the plant growth healthy and prevents it from having to replant again.

Opt for easy care plants

Some of the types of plants require regular care but there are certain types which can easily adjust in any environment including low water, moisture or water conditions. Some of the useful plants include pothos, palms and geraniums which are quite easy to care and lasts for a long period of time.

There are various encyclopedias available online where you can find a number of plants and its types. After going through each of them, you can choose the most appropriate one which requires low humidity levels, limited sunlight exposure and average watering guidelines. Still, if you find it difficult to purchase a plant, then you can approach to any of the companies offering services of indoor plant hire Melbourne. One of the best companies to choose is Luwasa which ensures to provide its customers with best quality indoor plants that are suitable for indoor plantation and can also serve needs of business owners.

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