Top 3 Features Prompting Businesses to Use Product Configurator Software

Top 3 Features Prompting Businesses to Use Product Configurator Software

If you are a business owner handling various domains, such as apparel, footwear, and luxury products, and if you are willing to experiment and change your brand’s bottom line, we have brought the 3d product configurator. The software will enable your company to market, sell, and manufacture products more effectively and efficiently. By efficiency, we mean making products that fulfill the demands of the customers, which is customization.

Why You Must Install the Product Configurator Software?

The primary job of these types of software is to transform the requirements raised by buyers into real-time, auto-generated estimates items. They help manufacturers get the orders in-time so that they could produce the material as quickly as possible while keeping the buyer’s needs in mind. In addition, they can also provide product descriptions, bills of material, and even more.

Here are the reasons why you should implement the tool if you are a manufacturer:

1. Automated Manufacturing 

With the help of the tool, your customers will spend time designing their preferred products and providing valuable data in a very controlled environment. And you would want to use the rich data collected during configuration and fail to use it to expedite and improve downstream processes. Product options, customizations, and other related info captured from the product configurator should be pushed to your CRM, ERP, PLM, or other critical business systems.

Our 3d product design software uses the configured data and helps you to render to the requests put up them buyers for customization. Through the tool, customers can select a product from a predesigned lot, personalize it using with your guidance, and finally place the order. The designs provided by the software can be used to work out details with the customer or the engineering team until the rule is final.

2. Visual Product Configuration

A visual product configuration is a potent tool for manufacturers and retailers. It helps end-users to self-select options that he/she would like to design and view immediate results as they build out a product in 2D or 3D space. New product configurators allow for dynamic updating of almost any product element: base options, add ons, pricing, upgrades, discounts, and more – the list can be truly endless.

Many people are accustomed to eCommerce experience when purchasing consumer goods. These lofty expectations are now expected as part of the buying experience, even for the most complex of products. Therefore, you will observe that with each passing day, more brands are adopting the customization solutions that will enable them to lead the race.

3. Supports Omnichannel Approach 

Omni-channel sales mean that you can expose your product sales through multiple audiences and channels.  This could include internal sales teams, partners and distributors, and even direct-to-customer audiences.  Digital interactions and transactions with these audiences can take place on an internal portal, extranet, or internet-facing websites.

In order to be available to these outside sales channels, your product configurators must be embedded on your internal or external websites. This allows for every audience to self-service and configures their product as needed. This is a must-have for this direct model.


To sum it up, to stay competitive in today’s world, you need something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Customization can be the first step in establishing yourself in your niche. In order to make this successful, you need a robust 3d product configurator by iDesigniBuy with all of these features to ensure your customers have the best experience in choosing their customizable products.

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