Top 5 Melbourne Fried Chicken You Must Try

Top 5 Melbourne Fried Chicken You Must Try

First things first, wonder what is the reason of the grand success of Nene’s chicken? The answer lies inside their fresh and mouth-watering secret recipes. Their every dishes are finger licking good whether it is their burgers, chips, wraps or yummy fried chickens. We will explore more about the fried chicken in this list.

You think you have tasted all types of delicious chicken dishes so far? Think again! If you are in love with Fried Chicken and want to try the best of them then get ready to taste the best five types of Melbourne fried chicken. You just cannot miss out these five fried chicken dishes! Loved by every chicken lovers, these are picked to be in the list due to their fresh and tasty flavors.

Classic and original fried chicken

Nothing can be so special than something authentic! In that case, original fried chicken got to come mentioned on top of the list. They taste the best when eaten with crunchy green onions and soy wasabi sauce. It (wasabi sauce) is quite pungent.

Super-crunchy fried chicken

As the name suggests, this type of fried chicken is intended to be really crispy. The crispiness of this fried chicken comes with its powdery coating. It is little bit sweet and tastes similar to corns. The crunch of this fried chicken tastes delicious and is definitely worth trying.


Bulgogi is a Korea’s very famous dish and in Korean it means ‘fire meat’. Bulgogi literally means marinated meat as it has to be marinated with pepper, soy sauce, garlic, sugar and such ingredients before cooking. Sirloin, scallions, beef cuts, matsutake, mushrooms are also used to prepare Bulgogi.

Garlic fried chicken

Garlic fried chicken possesses the sweet, sour and also the spicy taste. Traditionally known as Khanpunggi, it was originated in China but further developed in Korea and now a favourite Fried Chicken in Melbourne. Its flavorful sauce makes it even more mouthwatering.

Spicy fried chicken (Freaking hot!)

Where there is fried chicken there better be appetizing spice and here it is, spicy fried chicken! This spicy fried chicken is probably Melbourne’s best fried chicken. Cooked with spices like cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, and many more, it is made for those who love aggressively seasoned and freaking spicy taste.

This list involves some of the many toothsome dishes of Nene Chicken. There are several types of chicken dishes that make Nene Chicken famous in different continents.

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