Used Forklifts at an unbelievable price for you

Used Forklifts at an unbelievable price for you

The company is now venturing out into selling of used forklifts. The used forklift market is packed and the company carved out a name for itself by selling used forklifts in good working condition like an original.  The used forklift hit the marketplace after undergoing necessary repair and service under the watchful eyes of the company service team. For your requirements, visit the company website or walk into the showroom near you to see the range of second hand  forklifts that are lined up for sales in the showroom.

Some important points have to be checked before buying a used or second hand forklift.

These are the important points:

Load, height, environment, fuel, safety, spare parts availability and service, ergonomics or design of equipment

Load; choose a forklift according to the type of business and weight to be loaded. For, example if you’re managing capability is 10 tones, select 12 ton fork lift. This is suited to forklift attachments also.

Height;  Consider your business material height on a truck. This is to make sure the forklift you buy correctly put the material onto truck or container.

Working environment; clear about the use of forklift in all weather conditions or landscape.

Fuel;  Select from diesel/petrol/electric/LPG, the fuel tank capacity, and models suited for your business.

Safety; Always keep the safety of the used or second hand forklift. Found any issues,  mark them for replacement.

Spare parts availability and service;  This is an important point while buying a used one.  Buy used equipment from the dealer closer to you for quick service in case of any emergency.

The design of the forklift or Ergonomics; Always look for the well managed and serviced forklift. Look from the driver’s position and required test drives the forklift.

We, here in the company take the point seriously and worked on them before putting used forklift for sale.

Tell your requirement contact us for more.

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