Uses of Agricultural Sprayers for Crop Care, Garden Care

Uses of Agricultural Sprayers for Crop Care, Garden Care


The agricultural sprayers are the chemical sprayers which are used to spray chemicals in agricultural lands, gardens, etc. for plant protection from weeds, and diseases caused to plants by various insects and micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi etc.

The chemicals are filled up in the agricultural sprayers or chemical sprayers and are evenly sprayed in the farm or garden or lawns to get rid of weeds or other diseases.

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There are various vendors in the market, which supply a wide range of varieties in agricultural sprayers.

Backpack agricultural sprayers:

The back pack agricultural sprayers are used for spot chemical spraying purposes to prevent the destruction of farms or gardens of weeds and insects.

Handheld agricultural sprayers:

The hand held agricultural sprayers are used to spray chemicals within a small area.

Spot agricultural sprayers:

The spot agricultural sprayers are used for spot chemical spraying just similar to backpack agricultural sprayers.

Trailer agricultural sprayers:

Trailer agricultural sprayers are also known as pullback trailer, agricultural sprayers, which are best useful for agricultural and landscape use.

3pt. Hitch agricultural sprayers:

The three point sprayers are useful to cover huge landscapes such as golf court, farm fields, pastures, lawns and huge garden areas without causing any damage to plants or crops.

ATV agricultural sprayers:

The ATV agricultural sprayers are also known as truck beds. Skid agricultural sprayers can be mounted on ATV agricultural sprayers or truck beds, trailers and can be used for spraying pesticides, fertilizers and for mobile cleaning.

Skid sprayers agricultural sprayers:

The skid agricultural sprayers are used for spraying fertilizers and pesticides by mounting them on truck beds or ATV agricultural sprayers.

Benefits of using agricultural sprayers:

  • The use of agricultural sprayers for spraying chemicals reduces manual work.
  • The fertilizers and pesticides or the other chemicals can be evenly distributed among the crops or plants.
  • They are useful for even mixing of chemicals.

Various types of agricultural sprayers used for different purposes:

  • Fogging Machines
  • Hand Sprayers
  • Power Sprayers
  • Foot Sprayers
  • Rocker Sprayers
  • Battery Sprayers
  • Taiwan Sprayers
  • 708 Power Sprayers
  • Double Pressure Sprayers
  • Pesticide Sprayers
  • Stirrup Pumps
  • HTP/ Tractor Mounted Sprayer
  • Mist Blowers/Sprayers

Recently, solar agricultural sprayers have been entered into the market. These solar agricultural sprayers are very effective in reducing costs. With the use of solar agricultural sprayers, the consumption of electricity will be reduced and hence there would be effective cost reductions.

Solar agricultural sprayers are more recommended as they save energy and almost they are affordable.


Now-a-days, there is almost no practice of traditional farming methods around the globe. All most all the practices turned to use technology. From sowing to harvesting, there is an impression of technology everywhere. The invention of Agricultural Sprayers is the result of advancement in technology, just to improve plant health and production using equipment which mixes the chemicals evenly and help in even distribution of chemicals in the farms and gardens. Wishing all good luck!!!

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