VIP Vacation on the Go!

VIP Vacation on the Go!

The VIP card Australia provides an array of deals and discounts that can be availed by the card holder. The motto for VIP card is to “Save money & Do more.” Mainly the card provides for those interested in backpacking and travelling. These cards have international relevance and can be used for international stay as well. The VIP backpackers club provides more than 1200 hostels all over the world that have cheap rates and great facilities for single travellers. The card is majorly used by the student segment or individuals in the age group of 18 to 25 who are avid explorers and want to gain worldly experience through travelling. The hostels of VIP tend to be more of a party destination where people meet, interact and party together.

The VIP Card Australia comes along with accommodation and discount guidebook which contains all discount details. In addition to this, the card gives free Australia SIM with International calling card facility to the holder which provides affordable rates for international calls as well as free calls from Virgin to Virgin. The card holders get 12 month membership and exciting worldwide discounts. Some of the main attractions are 5 to 55% discount on:

  • Adventure tours
  • Reef tour
  • Bunyip tour
  • Mountain tour
  • Railway and coach
  • Desert safari

The card costs a reasonable charge of $47 AUD inclusive of delivery charges. The buyer receives their VIP Card within 14 working days which is pretty convenient for even the last minute planners. Through the website or application, cardholders can select their tours and avail the various deals expediently. The site provides prior knowledge about the places to visit, the main attractions of the location and knowledgeable tips and reviews. The Editor’s recommendation is a sailing trip to the Whitsundays, a tropical paradise.

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