Want to Have a Crested Gecko as Pet? Know The Tips

Want to Have a Crested Gecko as Pet? Know The Tips

Crested geckos can be your ideal pet if you love reptiles, especially geckos. Thinking about buying a gecko? Read this article first.

 Their enclosure environment

 enclosure environment

A 20-gallon terrarium is sufficient for lodging a solitary grown-up gecko. In any case, you may require a greater tank on the off chance that you mean to have a couple of geckos. If you have purchased a little crested gecko, at that point you have to begin with a 10-gallon tank and move the gecko into the 20-gallon tank as it begins to develop. It is smarter to purchase a tall terrarium so your pet gets enough space to climb and hop in their bondage. A tall terrarium with a screen top is the most ideal decision.

Crested geckos are territorial reptiles and the males especially become aggressive if they see another male. If you house two males together, they night fight till one dies, Hence, always choose a pair of male and female for a healthy balance.

The terrarium needs to have proper and plenty of climbing space and concealing space that emulates their characteristic environment. You can utilize branches, plants, and bamboo and stopper pads to beautify the tank. Consolidating counterfeit and live plants are smarter to give your gecko a superior concealing spot inside the terrarium.

The crested geckos will in general invest a large portion of their energy to climb vertically. Subsequently, you don’t have to give a ton of consideration regarding the substrate. You can opt for coconut filaments, peat moss, or even reptile mats. You can also choose any live plants from the tropical environment. For a juvenile crested gecko, using soft papers or paper towels or tissues is best. Note that, if you are using a substrate, cleaning regularly is a must.

Crested geckos often ingest the substrate and if your gecko does it, you need to opt for the sphagnum moss. You can use only the moss or use it as a layer on a coco peat layer. The moss will help in retaining the moisture level. Please do not use gravel or pebbles as a substrate. They are extremely difficult to clean. Similarly, reptile sand or any type of non-organic soil substrate is not also good as substrates for crested gecko.

Being ectoderms, the crested geckos depend on outward sources to control their internal heat level. Subsequently, you have to give them a light hotspot for 12 hours out of every day. It will assist your pet by keeping up their internal heat level. Yet, you needn’t bother with a different UVB light. Since the crested geckos are nocturnal animals and will go through the day dozing and resting. A basic bulb can be sufficient to give them a thought of day and night in imprisonment. Make sure your pet enclosure has a proper hiding place. They might want to hide and escape the light.

As they belong to a tropical environment, crested geckos need enough humidity in their terrarium. You need to maintain the humidity. They need 50 to 70 percent humidity for an ideal climate. You need to mist the environment regularly with warm and filtered water. If you have a small cage, misting one time can be enough. But for a larger enclosure, try to mist at least twice per day to ensure the environment remains damp and humid. If you do not remain in your home for a long time, it is better if you invest in an automatic mister or fogger that will mist the enclosure on time. You can likewise purchase a hydrometer to keep up the moisture level inside the terrarium.

 Food for the crested gecko

Food crested gecko

Nourishments like food and water are a significant aspect of the crested gecko care regimen. The greatest advantage of having them as pets is that you can take care of them with Ready Mix reptile food powders. Repashy and Page powders are incredible for your pet. Give them a mixture of the pet food and water in 1: 2 ratios. The geckos usually eat droplets of the water or the plants inside the tank.

Here are the simple yet effective tips for crested gecko care that you need to know before buying a pet. As this is a new kind of pet, you can also consult the pet shop from where you are buying it for more information about crested gecko care.

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