Which cleaning technique is most productive for your roof?

Which cleaning technique is most productive for your roof?

Identify the best roof cleaning method in Melbourne. Roofs are exposed to a number of threats, from wind, rain and sun to acidic bird droppings and the growth of moss and lichen. If they go neglected, then these elements can combine to slowly deteriorate and weaken the structure of your roof. You may notice leaks, cracks and even animals getting into your roof. In order to prevent these things from happening, a thorough clean needs to be carried out every five years or so.

There are a number of methods advertised by contractors, each with their own agenda, so it can be difficult to identify which one will be the best in the long and short term. The first step is to remove build-up of moss, lichen, dirt and droppings from the surface of the tiles. There are several methods of doing this, the first is manually scraping the material off, tile by tile. This is of course an incredibly time consuming procedure and will likely cost a lot more, as you will be paying for many hours instead of just a couple.

A low pressure wash is advertised by some companies who believe that a higher pressure will damage the tiles. In theory this makes sense, however in reality the lower pressure does little to completely remove all traces of bacteria. A higher pressure is the only way to blast away all the debris for a fresh surface which can then be treated effectively to prevent any regrowth.

There is some concern that a high pressure wash will damage the roof tiles. So long as the pressure is adjusted to the recommended setting, this is not the case. Not only is this method far more effective, it also takes less than half the time of other methods, meaning you will be paying for less labour and get a better result.

Once the initial surface has been cleaned, it is time to apply an even chemical coating that will keep your roof in peak condition for years. So called ‘eco-friendly’ companies complain that chemicals can be harmful, but this is absolutely ludicrous. Obviously any product used has been developed for this purpose, tested and passed with flying colours in order to be able to be used in Australia. Reputable teams will use the most well-known brands. In fact, these green roof companies are notorious for doing a sub-par job. While it may look good when they are finished, without the necessary chemical algae killer, the moss and lichen will grow back in no time, and the whole exercise will have been a waste.

Most contractors appreciate the need for a chemical application, however the methods of application vary. Any kind of manual application should be an instant red flag. In order for this treatment to be effective, it needs to cover every nook and cranny, which is highly unlikely if applied by hand. Yet again, the cheaper and higher standard is to use a spray. Backpack sprayers can save plenty of time and the force behind the spray will project the chemical into those all-important seams and openings. Furthermore, backpack sprayers often have a very long reach, meaning that any touch ups can be done from an access tower placed next to the roof, placing less strain on the tiles.

Don’t trust the first contractor you find, and do your research into what methods give the best long term results. For a comprehensive Roof Cleaning Service in Melbourne using a high pressure clean and chemical spray technique.

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